Definitely a beach read

I’ve been sent this pic – isn’t that great? I love that my books are available at the airports.

I’ve had some great feedback on Love & Freedom, recently, including a man who said he’d bought all my books on his Kindle and read them one after another, and an older guy who said he’d just read A Certain Scene and the batteries in his pacemaker had nearly exploded. Whoops … that wasn’t even the hot scene! Am not sure I’ll ever hear from him again. And The Real Dominic tells me that reading Love & Freedom on the tube got him speculative looks from young women, which he seemed quite happy with. (I told him to read All That Mullarkey, next, as it has such a bright pink cover – bound to get him more attention. See how kind I am to my friends?)

These conversations have made me wonder whether a) more men are reading romantic fiction and b) whether it’s because of ereaders? I’m not saying that men are embarrassed to be seen reading romantic fiction but, just in case they were, reading on screen rather than on the page kind of gets over that, doesn’t it?

I do get messages from men about my books, none of which snort, ‘This is a GIRLY read!’ And I don’t see why they don’t read more of it. After all, most people like falling in love and having great sex, so why read about grim things when you could be reading about that?

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  1. Ah, what a lovely photo.

    Hey you could be right about men reading romance on eReaders… they’re certainly popular for erotica and m/m romance reads for women, so never thought men would be able to hide behind it too!

    Ha! And if you want my opinion (well you’ll get it anyway lol!) I think more men should read romance fiction! They might learn a thing or two ;-P

    I’m saving Love And Freedom, I will read it soon.


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