Call To The Nation’s Women: Help Us Find The Perfect Man!

So, here are the results of the Festival of Romance‘s recent poll on romantic heroes. NOTE: I’m not certain that my votes were taken into consideration as ‘good car’ is considered not important! Am refraining from commenting on ‘great in bed’ not being deemed essential.

Romantic novelists don’t think that wealth, height or good looks matter. Essential attributes of the perfect man include having a sense of humour, being kind and principled and having good personal hygiene. It’s not even that important that he’s good in bed – romantic novelists said this was desirable in the perfect man but not essential. And they really don’t care what car he drives. But perhaps the women of Britain think differently?

The perfect man, according to romantic novelists (% agreeing), is:


Loyal (91%)

Honest (89%)

Personal hygiene (88%)

Kind (86%)

Sense of humour (86%)

Intelligent (85%)

Principled (81%)

Desirable but not essential:

Weight (65%)

Great in bed (62%)

Height (60%)

Self-confident (60%)

Good looking (60%)

Not important:

Good car (79%)

Religious persuasion (77%)

Political persuasion (64%)

Social standing (55%)

Wealth (53%)

The survey also revealed that romantic novelists believe that while people no longer expect everlasting love, they still hope for life partners. And while most romantic novelists say they prefer to write books that end with marriage or a commitment to a relationship, in society people don’t need marriage to prove they love each other. Romantic novelists confess to being romantics at heart (86%) although their real life is not as romantic as their books. Half of them have been disappointed in love (50%). They think men have, however, become more sensitive in recent years (76%) although women know that their best chance of finding a romantic man is between the covers of a romantic novel (64%).

“The Festival of Romance is calling on the nation’s women to let the novelists know what they think makes the perfect man,” says Kate Allan, chief romantic at the Festival of Romance. “This vital poll could change the way that romantic novels are written!”

To take the short survey, visit:

The closing date is 19th September 2011 and a winner will be drawn from all the entries to win tickets to the Festival of Romance.

The Festival of Romance is the UK’s first literary festival dedicated to romantic fiction of all kinds. The Festival takes place from 21 to 22 October 2011 at Hunton Park, near Watford, Herts. Events at the festival include an interview with bestselling novelist Carole Matthews and a debate on why men don’t read or write romantic fiction, except they do, with male Mills and Boon author Roger aka Gill Sanderson.

The survey of romantic novelists was polled online between 21st and 23rd August 2011 and interviewed 58 UK romantic novelists including many well known authors.

The Festival of Romance was the idea of Kate Allan, a 35 year old romantic novelist and mother of one. As well as organising the festival and bringing up a toddler, she works part time in publishing.



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5 responses to “Call To The Nation’s Women: Help Us Find The Perfect Man!

  1. Oh dear, am I expecting too much in a man, and therefore doomed to failure, since I think all but three of those items are essential?


  2. Is this in fiction or real life? In fiction I’m always expecting the hero to be great in bed, otherwise the heroine’s going to be ‘was that it?’ 😛 I agree, too, about the car (but maybe I like my cars too much – some people just don’t care what they drive, hence the Nissan Micra exists!)

    I can see how the top list is important in real life… because there aren’t that many good looking men out there, especially mature ones (30+). I sort of do a mental survey in my head in the shop I work. Far more attractive women walk in compared to men… or they’re not coming into my shop 😦

    …still waiting for my sheikh billionaire to walk in… Hmmm… Do you think I read too much romance?


  3. No such thing as ‘too much romance’! 🙂

    Seriously, I think that romantic fiction promotes a lot about the world that’s good, such as monogamous relationships and happiness. OK, it’s all a little larger than life, but it’s a lot ‘nicer’ than reading about serial killers, mid-life freak outs, abuse etc.


  4. Summer

    Difficult road trip. There are no perfect men. Only women.


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