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It’s a while since I wrote about how much I love my Kindle and I’ve had a few people contact me to ask about covers and lights and stuff.

I didn’t buy the cover for the Kindle, the official one with the integral light, because it was overpriced, in my view, as I didn’t think I’d use the light much (and I don’t). I bought one of those Kindle covers that stands the Kindle up, like a photo frame, which I liked because it was easy to read while I ate lunch.

Then I was given another Kindle cover, one that opens like a book and has a light with it. I have to say I like it more than I thought it would. It’s really sturdy, so I’ve been using it when I felt protection was required, but it’s a touch heavier than my first case. What I didn’t think I’d use at all is the wrist strap – but I use that all the time. I hadn’t realised how often I have a drink in one hand and food in the other … To have the Kindle securely dangling is better than tucking it under my arm or, um, balancing it on top of my cuppa. And, as you can see, it stands up so that I can read when I’m eating.

It’s quite a nice looking thing, with a vinyl cover and pretty purple lining. And the stitching is neat – I think I must’ve been a seamstress in a previous life, because I hate wonky stitching.

My reaction to the light is a bit mixed. It fits neatly within the spine of the case but I seem able to switch it on accidentally. It sticks to the top of the Kindle cover magnetically, which is a lot of fun, and it’s amazingly secure. But I’m not keen on the light it casts. It’s not even.

But if you’re looking for a value for money option, this Kindle cover is a good one.

And now I’ve bought an iPad 2 – wow, I love that, too! I bought a keyboard dock for it and can transfer documents from Word on my desktop Mac to the iPad and work on them wherever. I can browse the web, deal with email, use GPS, make notes, take pix, play videos and music … And, of course, it syncs to my Kindle, so whatever I’m reading on my Kindle I can just pic up my iPad and read on there, if it’s more convenient.

I’m about to take the whole thing away for a couple of days, so it’s going to get a lot of use.

But the iPad doesn’t replace the Kindle because it’s heavier and you can’t read it in the sun, when the screen might as well be blank. So I do need both (just in case someone was thinking of taking one of them off me … grr. Gerroff.)


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5 responses to “More about Kindle

  1. Great post Sue….and now I really want an iPad 2!

    Gosh, this writing business is getting expensive 😉


  2. I love my Kindle, too. And I’ve got a snazzy purpley leather case that allows it to stand up, so can read while having lunch, breakfast, or whatever. Try not to do that at family meal times though… not a good thing to teach the kids. But if I’m on my own, means I can still ‘work’ and eat.


  3. I’ll have a look at that kindle cover as I have a neoprene one, and at night I put a clip on light onto it, which is a bit too heavy and sometimes falls off! Thanks for the recommendation.


  4. 13artiag

    Hi Sue,
    I have always been wary of buying a kindle. My love for books and the feel of its pages always stops me from ordering one but i do realize how convenient it is.


  5. Hi Arti,
    I felt the same – but then I discovered how convenient it was for American books that don’t come out here in paperback. And now I just find it convenient for travel, of which I do a lot.

    But I still love books, too.


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