Middledip books in order

So many people ask me about the order in which I set stories in Middledip that I decided to dedicate a page to it on my blog, as well as on my website. Here you are!

Starting Over – Tess and Ratty’s story

All That Mullarkey – Cleo and Justin’s story

Dream a Little Dream – Liza and Dominic’s story

Is This Love? – Tamara and Jed’s story

The Christmas Promise – Ava and Sam’s story (a quick visit in Chapter Sixteen/Seventeen)

The Little Village Christmas – Alexia and Ben’s story

A Christmas Gift – Georgine and Joe’s story

Let it Snow – Lily and Isaac’s story

Christmas Wishes – Hannah and Nico’s story

Under the Mistletoe – Laurel and Grady’s story

A White Christmas on Winter Street – Sky and Daz’s story