Under the Mistletoe by Sue Moorcroft

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As you know, I’m trying to cut back on blog tours but I simply couldn’t resist this latest one for Sue Moorcroft’s Under the Mistletoe. You’ll realise how much I enjoy Sue’s writing when I share other Linda’s Book Bag posts with and about her below! I’d like to thank the Romantic Novelist Association’s Media Star of the Year, Rachel of Rachel’s Random Resources, for inviting me to participate and Avon Books for sending me a copy of Under the Mistletoe in return for an honest review.

Before I share that review, here are the other times Sue has featured. Just click on the titles to read more:

My review of Under the Italian Sun

My review of Summer on a Sunny Island

My review of Let It Snow

Discussing One Summer in Italy

An interview with Sue Moorcroft

A guest post from Sue on over-sharing and my review…

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2 responses to “Under the Mistletoe by Sue Moorcroft

  1. Lizzie Lamb

    I think is your best cover so far. So gorgeous and Christmassy as I’m sure the book is, too. Many congratulations on all our achievements.


  2. Thank you, Lizzie. They’ve refreshed my covers a little – can’t wait to see the summer one, now! Everyone likes this one so much.


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