Moving read, involving many sensitive issues – Under the Mistletoe by Sue Moorcroft – beautiful!

I do believe this is my first ever review in rhyme! Grateful thanks to Splashes into Books.


My Review:

When family dramas cause Laurel to return home again She never expected her old feelings about there to remain. There are memories that are great but others are sad As traumatic experiences made her leave and still feel bad. However, time has passed so can she now Put all the bad memories into the past somehow? Will they still drive her away? Can she work out how to stay? This story has so many sensitive issues involved They're handled with care but not all can be resolved. Agoraphobia, assault, bullying, blackmail and more play their part In this delightful story, with love at its heart. Teen pranks have impacts on many folks for years Some are forgotten but others end in fears and tears. The perpetrators usually don't realise their impact at the time Or the fact that they're actually committing a crime. There are fantastic characters brought…

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