Interested in a new short story market?

Alfie Dog Limited

With markets for short stories decreasing,  a  new paid market must be welcome news to short story writers. Alfie Dog Limited is creating a paid digital download service for short stories. The site will carry formats suitable for Kindle, Kobu, Sony E-reader, i-pad and other Apple products as well as a printable version to read on computer or paper, offering a unique market to bring short story writers and readers together.

All submissions will be read. Stories should be a consistently high standard, ‘worth the buyer reading’ and written in English. You can find information about submissions at Alfie Dog Limited.

This is a paid market: 39p – 59p will be charged per download, depending on story length, and 99p for a collection of 5-10 stories. Half of this (after the transaction cost) will go to the author. Payment for the downloads will be through Paypal and allows a single download to take place.

Submissions are now open for a launch date of Wednesday 16th May 2012.



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5 responses to “Interested in a new short story market?

  1. Bev

    This sounds interesting, Sue. Thank you. Similar to the Ether Books model, I think. I have some stories there; do you?


    • Hi Bev,
      No, I don’t, but I have some short stories that I ought to put out there in some form or another, I think. It’s just a question of where, how, and where to find the time!!!


  2. Sue

    Thanks for the info, Sue. I’ve submitted a story that doesn’t fit a genre, so it sounds ideal!


  3. I’m proud to say I’ve had a few stories accepted for AlfieDog. Rosemary replies quickly – usually in less than a week and says what she does or doesn’t like which is helpful.


  4. 13artiag

    Hi Sue,
    Thanks for this, will look it up..



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