HOLT Medallion – finalist

I recently received a lovely email from the Virginia Romance Writers to say that Under the Italian Sun has been selected as a finalist in the Holt Medallion Contest!

The list of all finalists can be found here, and my category is Novel with Strong Romantic Elements.

The HOLT Medallion Award was named for Virginia Romance Writers’ first president, Cynthia Holt, and is also the acronym for Honoring Outstanding Literary Talent. It has been awarded annually since 1995.

A panel of romance readers select the winning books in the twelve categories. They look for a good read, a book they’d buy and an author they’d follow. The aim is to reflect the actual marketplace. I’m delighted to have my book shortlisted on this criteria!

The winning authors are awarded a pewter medallion featuring a Dogwood blossom, the Virginia state flower, in a laurel wreath on the pages of an open book, a heart, and a scroll with the inscription “HOLT.”

HOLT Medallion Winners and Award of Merit Finalists will be announced on June 4 2022, so cross your fingers for me!



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3 responses to “HOLT Medallion – finalist

  1. Penny

    Wow Sue ! Congratulations!


  2. That is fantastic Sue! Congratulations xx


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