Publication day in Germany

The cover image of 'Sternschnuppenfunkeln' (Under the Mistletoe)

Today sees the publication of ‘Sternschnuppenfunkeln‘ (UK title Under the Mistletoe) in Germany. I love my German covers as they always look as if they’re straight out of a fairytale. Doesn’t it look as if a Christmas market is about to take place in the background?

Click here to buy Sternschnuppenfulkeln



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7 responses to “Publication day in Germany

  1. Ulrike De Sautels

    Thank you for releasing it in Germany!


  2. Ulrike De Sautels

    I hope i can get it by tomorrow in my favorite book store. I always love this time of the year when the new christmas and winter books arrive in the book stores

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  3. Ulrike De Sautels

    I will take a photo when they have it

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  4. Ulrike De Sautels

    You are welcome


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