Publication day! #SummerAtTheFrenchCafé @AvonBooksUK @BlakeFriedmann

Hooray! Publication day for Summer at the French Café is finally here!

Paperback, ebook and audiobook are all out in the UK, with ebook and audio in the US. This link will take you to your favourite online retailer.

One of my favourite parts of writing Summer at the French Café is that I ‘borrowed’ my local park and transplanted it to Alsace, France. Wicksteed Park has everything from rollercoasters and boating lakes to wild walks and places to picnic, so all I had to do was add an arcade of shops. That’s where you’ll find the book café where Kat is holding the fort while her employers deal with illness. Solly, Kat’s half-brother, is working at the park for the summer, having lost his job as a newly qualified teacher over a drunken escapade. He’s sharing staff accommodation with the mysterious Noah, who’s come to the park to… oops! Nearly told you too much, then!

Kat’s boyfriend turns out to be not what he’d seemed and the book café comes under cyber attack, but she’s still loving living in the glorious French countryside and working at friendly, sunny Parc Lemmel. She could have done without her stepmother showing up, though. She’s a real cloud in Kat’s summer.

Summer at the French Café is out at last!


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