Sue Moorcroft #GuestPost – Books Mean Escape – #UnderTheItalianSun @SueMoorcroft @avonbooksUK

I love Portobello Book Blog and was delighted to be invited on to talk about writing ‘Under the Italian Sun’ when I couldn’t visit Italy.

Portobello Book Blog

Sue in Italy

I’m so pleased to be featuring Sue Moorcroft today. You’ll know I’m a big fan of hers if you are a regular reader of the blog. I’ll be reviewing her latest book Under The Italian Sun next week, just after its publication. One thing you are guaranteed with her books is some escapism – something we are all longing for right now. Books have certainly been a great escape from reality for me for the past year and more! But how do you research locations when you have to ‘stay at home’? That’s what I asked Sue and here’s what she had to say.

Books Mean Escape

Since I first learned to read, books have meant escape. Even before that, in fact, as Mum used to read to me every night. I still remember Noddy advising people to get out of his way because his car was…

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