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The ebook of Just for the Summer is currently on super-special promo in Canada and the US at 99c. I knew you’d want me to tell you.

So, what’s the book about? Leah is a chocolate taster (this is a real occupation! Seriously. Google it) and while between jobs is asked to accompany her sister Michele and her family to France for the summer. Michele’s marriage to Alister has ended and she feels the need for extra support. But, it turns out, Alister’s going to be along too! In that case, why should Leah go? To keep the peace … because the situation between Michele and Alister really isn’t peaceful. Michele knows there’s worse to come but keeps the secret from Leah for as long as possible. In all the stress, Leah decides to reward herself with a summer romance with the hot pilot next door. How do you think that goes? Yeah, exactly! Not as she intended.

Two sisters, three teenagers, a summer romance and an unexpected pregnancy. Read about it:

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