Why I’m still writing despite Covid-19 #WritingCommunity

IMG_6955I’ve seen quite a few authors talking on social media about whether they should be writing during the current Coronavirus outbreak. Some feel too anxious, because of what’s going on around them; others feel it’s somehow wrong.

Whether I could or should continue writing hadn’t even occurred to me as a choice so these conversations have made me question myself. Am I insensitive? Or do I bury my head in the sand and hope real life will go away?

Maybe one or both, but I don’t think my willingness to plan my summer 2021 novel while I await edits on this year’s winter novel, A Christmas Wish, is due to either of those things.

Writing and reading are my escapes. Owing to external events, I’m actually working harder than usual. My editor and most of her team are working from home to keep producing my books. If I said I couldn’t write I would be letting them down. Missing deadlines would create timetabling issues for us all in the future, as well as endangering a career it has taken decades to build. Writing’s my job. A whole lot of people are working during the Covid-19 crisis. They don’t have other options and I’m not giving myself any either … especially as my editor is an author too and has written 46k in the lockdown alongside her day job. 😊 Some people have been laid off or put on furlough and must think me fortunate to have a job I can continue.

I admit to wondering about how the publishing landscape is changing but I feel that if I write my books then maybe getting them out to readers will fall into place. It would have been much worse if I’d been writing fifty years ago with no ebook or audio to sell, no social media to allow me to talk to the world, no remote ebook or audiobook borrowing from libraries. Also, the paperback supply chain’s still working! Independent booksellers and High Street chains, as well as internet retailers, are selling online for home delivery.

I’m not able to get out to author events but there are virtual substitutes that have the bonus of being free to watch – see my Avon Book Fest event with Fiona Gibson and Lorna Cook HERE or my chat with Cathy Bramley HERE. On Wednesday 15th April at 7pm (London Time) I’ll be on MyVLF with Heidi Swain, Rachel Marks and Hayley Doyle.

subtle pink

Summer on a Sunny Island is available for preorder and will be published in paperback, ebook and audio on the 30th of April 2020. Whatever promo needs to be done, I’ll do it … because? It’s part of my job!

Preorder Summer on a Sunny Island here:

Summer on a Sunny Island on UK Kindle

Summer on a Sunny Island on Kobo

Summer on a Sunny Island on Apple

Summer on a Sunny Island paperback

Summer on a Sunny Island audio






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11 responses to “Why I’m still writing despite Covid-19 #WritingCommunity

  1. I’m finding writing is a great escape. And to be honest, it’s making me feel a little bit normal. The daily life hasn’t changed too much. I think if I didn’t write, I’d find the whole situation more depressing!

    As I’m a keyworker in retail, I still have a job to go to, but that is currently quite stressful. So to be home Tuesday to Thursday and be able to write, takes away that stress.

    I’m probably writing less now, even though I’m not going out and meeting people etc, as I have the boys home with me during the week. Therefore, I’m making Sundays a writing day now (as they’re at their dad’s and I’m not at work work.) It’s not like I have anywhere to go! But when they’re quietly working on school work, I try to make that my writing time.

    My schedule may have changed but writing is certainly making me cope so I totally understand your need to work. Working from home is allowed after all, so as a writer you shouldn’t feel guilty about that.

    Keep writing, and stay safe! Xx

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  2. What a lovely cosy writing room!

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  3. Helen Bett

    Of course you should be writing – it’s what you do, and we all benefit from it. It’s the epitome of ‘working from home’, even though you are unable to attend the publicity events. Many of us are finding ways to use our time wisely – I am making several quilts without buying any new fabric, and am also able to carry on baking due to the kindness of strangers regarding flour!
    We are all looking forward to your next book and indeed those in the pipeline.
    Enjoy your writing, and we will enjoy the reading – at home.

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  4. I agree writing is a (necessary, at the moment) escape, Sue. But also even more than that if successful work results. I find concentration hard at times, but that could just be my Age 🙂
    My Inmost Thoughts at present are these: how will we write about the pandemic in the future? One thing is certain, we can hardly ignore it!

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    • Different people react to things differently, I know, Penny. It was the same after 9/11 – some wrote to escape and some couldn’t write at all.

      Writing post-pandemic is a subject on my mind too, as I’m planning my summer 2020 book … which is set in Italy. I’ll have to feel my way.


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