My first hardback – A Christmas Gift



Today A Christmas Gift is published as a hardback. Even the picture above doesn’t really do it justice, as it’s ornamented with foil and shiny things.


There’s something special about a hardback book. So far as I’m concerned, this particular volume is special because it’s my first ‘proper’ hardback, so it feels like a promotion. I’ve had occasional hardback library editions or foreign editions but nothing quite so special as this.

A Christmas Gift it is for me!

And we hope it will find its way under a lot of tees and into a multitude of stockings this Christmas. It is, after all, such a lovely easy shape to wrap.

However many people read it, a gift from themselves to themselves or from someone special, I hope they all enjoy reading how this Christmas changes everything for

  • Georgine France, who surely deserves a little more shine on her life
  • and Joe Blackthorn, who’s disillusioned not by success, but by what some people are prepared to do to achieve it.

A Christmas Gift, published in hardback today, 1 November 2018


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3 responses to “My first hardback – A Christmas Gift

  1. Lizzie Lamb

    <Many congratulations, Sue. A red letter day for sure. Looking forward to helping you celebrate at your book launch in November and buying a copy.

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