Should authors visit the London Book Fair? #LBF18

I attended the London Book Fair at London Olympia for only one day this year, Tuesday, but, as usual, I thoroughly enjoyed it. There have been a few conversations on Facebook about what there is at the Fair for authors so I thought I’d share my thoughts.

Would an author’s time be better spent writing? I suppose it depends how much time you have to write. I write full-time and welcome a chance to widen my knowledge. And meet my mates.

Speaking for myself, even if I go for all three days, as I have for several years, I consider it time well spent. I find many of the talks interesting, even if they’re not aimed at authors, because I like to know what I can about publishing (and I like to hear good talks). Sessions on what Brexit might mean for publishing or how to build writing communities catch my eye and I go on in. At Author HQ I listen to the occasional speaker, too, although I feel as if many of these slots are aimed at self-published authors.

My favourite talks by far are those from authors. On Tuesday, it was possible to hear Joanna Trollope, Kit de Waal and David Baldacci, amongst others.  Last year’s stand-out author-speakers for me were Jeffrey Archer, Marian Keyes, Michael Morpurgo and Meg Rossof. I don’t think it’s time badly spent to listen to them! They’re entertaining and informative.

I like to tour the stands, particularly of the big publishers, to see what they’re pushing and what the latest covers look like.

I do a lot of networking with other writers or bloggers too. This year, naughtily, I spent more time socialising than listening to the illustrious guests! But I had been working hard … and somebody said ‘wine’. It may have been me!

Here are a few of my pics from the London Book Fair 2018:



On the train to #LBF18




Bookmark from the Society of Authors (they were also giving out sweets!)



David Baldacci (right, with mic). I couldn’t even get into his talk and had to stand at the back, outside Author HQ



The HarperCollins stand








Just one of the massive halls at London Olympia



Osborne Publishing’s stand. Isn’t that awesome?



Audio books






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10 responses to “Should authors visit the London Book Fair? #LBF18

  1. I so agree with you, Sue. I see this as part of our work and keeping up with what is going on in our world as professional writers. I missed visiting this year but work was calling.


  2. Fab post! I was wondering about this earlier in the week. I’ve never been to London Book Fair so didn’t know if I was missing out on something essential I should be attending as an author. Thanks for the insight x

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    • You’re always welcome. 🙂 I think it varies from author to author whether it can be termed ‘essential’. I have it filed more under ‘helpful’ and ‘desirable’. Other authors say they’ve been once and that was enough or just that they don’t fancy it. x


  3. I go most years specifically to meet up with my agent and either meet/negotiate with new editors I’d like to work with, or discuss projects with current editors. I could do those things at other times of the year, of course. But living in Cornwall means I can’t get to London very often and it’s usually easier to find editors gathered together at the LBF. Plus, it’s not only fun to get that closely engaged with publishing as an industry, but can be very useful to find out about the latest trends and the hottest new books when planning your writing year ahead. x

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  4. Sunnu Golwalla

    Hi Sue

    I have been a bit out of touch with your blogs of late but delighted to see this one. The pictures help people like me who never would get to these places also get a feel of what it is like. Thank you!!

    My school asked me to write a commemorative book for them on the School’s centenary which is this year. I have enjoyed it very much and was quite absorbed writing it. It is currently being proof-read. You are so warm-hearted and encouraging that I just wanted to tell you about it.

    fond regards to you always


    On Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 9:31 PM, Sue Moorcroft blog wrote:

    > suemoorcroft posted: “I attended the London Book Fair at London Olympia > for only one day this year, Tuesday, but, as usual, I thoroughly enjoyed > it. There have been a few conversations on Facebook about what there is at > the Fair for authors so I thought I’d share my thoughts. ” >

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    • You’re very welcome, Sunnu, and thanks for reading. Lovely that representatives of your school asked you to write its commemorative book. I can imagine that would be an interesting project. Well done on getting it so far as the proof-reading stage. Your work is almost done!
      Very best wishes,


  5. Angela Petch

    I’ve never been and you have tempted me. Maybe next year. I reckon you deserve a break, Sue, from your busy writing schedule. Thanks for this glimpse!


    • You’re welcome, Angela. Some authors have no interest in the Fair, but, as you can see, I find it fascinating and always come away having learned something, as I do from any gathering of writers.


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