Why Write a Christmas Book? Author Sue Moorcroft Explains

Reblogged from the lovely Poetic Parfait blog – why I wrote a Christmas book. (As it’s been in the UK Kindle top ten for a couple of weeks I’m very pleased I did! 🙂 )

My thanks to Christy of Poetic Parfait for hosting me.

Poetic Parfait

Please join me in welcoming author Sue Moorcroft to the blog! She offers insights into writing a Christmas book and the origins of her latest novel The Christmas Promise in this holiday guest post. Take it away, Sue!

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Writing a Christmas book was a new experience for me. I’d written quite a few short stories for magazines set at or around Christmas but never anything longer. I’m not the world’s biggest Christmas fan.

I suppose there are three reasons I wrote The Christmas Promise. Here’s the chronology:

Waterstones had given me an opportunity to sign books in my local store. While I was handing out my bookmarks and chatting to prospective readers I was able to observe the table at the front of the store piled high with novels featuring Christmas. Those novels were just walking out of the store. A couple of people even came…

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2 responses to “Why Write a Christmas Book? Author Sue Moorcroft Explains

  1. Thank you for the reblog, Sue! It was a delight to have you over to the blog and highlight your new book 🙂 Wishing you much continued success!


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