Ten things about me you may or may not know

It seems like forever since I originated a post for my own blog. I’ve reblogged a couple of things but haven’t managed a new post. Here’s my list of excuses:

  • imageSummer is my busy time as I’ve led courses in Italy (Arte Umbria), Derby (Swanwick) and Devon (Fiction on the Taw). A fact about running courses is that there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work, not just preparing the course but being in contact with organisers for admin reasons and perhaps reading work of the participants.
  • 2016-08-09 16.05.48

    Proof copies of The Christmas Promise have arrived!

    The Christmas Promise approached production and I had proofs to check bonus material to write  and promo ideas to talk over. One of the many lovely aspects of being an author.

  • I also took a holiday in my beloved Malta. I had beer to drink and sunshine to enjoy. That took two weeks.
  • I received a lovely invitation to write a two-part story for My Weekly to go in their Christmas issues (3 and 10 December. Look out for that story because you can win a free book!).
  • Throw in the RNA’s conference in the middle of that lot and you begin to get the picture.

Now I’ve realised how much I’ve neglected my blog I can’t really think what to write about! Whenever I’m asked to guest on someone else’s blog I can think of a subject but for my own blog? I’ve come up blank. So, in place of a proper post, here are ten things about me you may or may not know.

  1. My parents were both in the army. My mum originally outranked my dad and he got in trouble for talking to her with his hands in his pockets. He only rose higher than her when she left the army.
  2. I can’t ride a bike no-handed.
  3. I have no tattoos but five piercings.
  4. Chocolate is my favourite food group.
  5. My Saturday job when a teenager was in a butcher’s shop.
  6. I can do the ‘waterfall’ with a pack of cards.
  7. I find it hard to join in conversations about TV because I watch so little.
  8. But I know a lot about Formula 1.
  9. I’m incredibly thankful for good friends.
  10. I try only to read books I love. Life’s too short for those I’m told I ‘should’ read.

Blogpost done! 🙂


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6 responses to “Ten things about me you may or may not know

  1. Liv Thomas

    Worth waiting for 🙂 Sue, how do you know which books you will love – from the blurb, or recommendation, or what? I think the book groups like those on FB are invaluable – I’ve read loads of books I wouldn’t otherwise have read.


    • Hi Liv! I do tend to follow authors and follow series, so that helps make up quite a portion of my reading list. I talk to other people about what they enjoy and I do take notice of book reviews on book blog sites. I succumb to the occasional special offer for my ereader, too … How people find new authors is a good subject for a blog in itself, isn’t it? Someone told me on FB that she found one of my books in a hotel on a Greek island and is now working her way through all my stuff.


  2. I really enjoyed your very informative and stimulating course in Swanwick.

    Where would you recommend to stay in your beloved Malta? I have always wanted to go there but my activity has only got as far as browsing. I should go!


    • Thank you, Lance! I’m glad that you enjoyed the course. Such a fantastic, responsive group. I loved every moment.

      Re Malta, it depends where your interests lie and what your budget is. I always stay in Sliema, which has lots of pavement cafes and shops but also the rocky beaches from which there’s great snorkelling. It’s a five-minute ferry ride from Valletta, the capital and a citadel city. It takes a little longer by bus. Valletta is also blessed with many restaurants, cafes and shops but is more historic. You can stay in Valletta itself but you have (fantastic) harbours either side and not many places to swim. Mdina is also historic and well worth visiting but there are few places to stay and it’s a bit isolated. The St Paul’s/Qawra area is similar to Sliema but if you want sandy beaches you need to be up at the north end of the island around Melieha. Something to be aware of when staying at the north end is that apart from the sandy beaches and their hotels you’re a bus ride or car journey away from everything else. Bus travel is cheap but not usually quick. There are also resorts at the south end of the island but I’ve only ever visited the area briefly. Malta is about 9 miles by 17 so you’re never a huge distance from anywhere! 🙂 Enjoy!


  3. Love reading about your busy summer, Sue!
    Dark chocolate for preference these days…


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