Research: Sue shares her methods

From the Take Five Authors site – my thoughts on research and my methods.

Take Five Authors

I love the research connected to my books. Research trips for The Christmas Promise took me repeatedly to London – Camden (including cafes that sold great cake and shops that sold incredible shoes), Balham, and an exhibition of graphic art at the British Library. My next book, due out next summer and currently bearing the working title of Just for the Holidays, necessitated (yes, truly necessitated) a four-day trip to Strasbourg and a helicopter pilot taking me up and pretending to crash (read about it here). The helicopter event is  my happiest research moment to date.

The book I’m just beginning to plan, which currently has the snappy title of My Next Book, is causing me to watch a lot of property programmes and learn about being an interior decorator. (Fun, but nothing on the helicopter.)Helicopterweb

As people frequently ask me about my research (‘You went…

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2 responses to “Research: Sue shares her methods

  1. Sophia Tlali

    I like your books I am in Lesotho and I am really trying my luck in writing in English. I liked to write for radio mainly which how I came to know you. Can you help me if you would with writing a autobiography.


    • Thank you for reading my books, Sophia. It’s lovely to know they reach other countries. I’m really sorry not to be able to help you with your autobiography – I just don’t have the time. Good luck with your writing! 🙂


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