‘The Christmas Promise’ goes to Germany

How pretty is this? It’s the German cover of The Christmas Promise.

German TCP cover

The title translates to ‘Magical Winter Kisses‘ and I think it’s interesting to see the London landscape featured so unmistakably. From observation I’d say that UK publishers are more likely to choose vaguer images, as if they know their readers like to employ their imaginations from the start.

Every market knows its own audience best and so I was waiting with bated breath to see what the hugely successful German publisher, S Fischer Verlag, would choose. I’m so thrilled with it that I feel like booking a flight to Germany in October to see it on the shelves.

I had to smile when I saw the woman in a red coat walking away. My good writing buddy Mark West had recently pointed out to me how many UK covers of books in my genre share exactly that feature! I wonder what the design science behind it is? The best I can come up with is red because it’s eye-catching and walking into the picture to encourage readers to follow along. Feel free to make your own suggestions …

COVER REVEAL ALERT: while on the subject of covers, the UK cover of The Christmas Promise is scheduled to be revealed on social media at 7pm on Sunday 24th July. I’m really thrilled with it and it’s nearly killing me not to plaster it all over Twitter and Facebook until the day! But I think it’ll be worth the wait.



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2 responses to “‘The Christmas Promise’ goes to Germany

  1. Many congratulations Sue!!! I’ll look out for it, take pictures and email them to you 🙂 Did you know that book titles are copyright over here in Germany? That means your book is the only one called Winter Zauberküsse. Have a great week!


    • Thank you very much, Nicola, both for the potential ‘shelfies’ and the information re titles. I didn’t know about there being copyright in titles in Germany – I’m so glad I didn’t have to think of my own!!! You have a great week also. 🙂


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