My new title! Whoop!

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 18.04.52Things I get very excited about are covers and titles for my books. Maybe it’s the surprise element – something about the book that I don’t create from the ground up.

So I’m really thrilled to announce that I now have the title for my next book, to be published September/October 2016!

It’s to be:


I’ve been excited about this book from the first. It’s about Ava, who hates Christmas, has to admit that her couture millinery business has run into trouble, and is being threatened with revenge porn; and what happens to Sam who’s giving his mum Christmas because she’s between surgery and chemotherapy.

I don’t have the cover, yet … but it’s not far away. Can’t wait to share it! (I promise that it will be an improvement on the above!)



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14 responses to “My new title! Whoop!

  1. Sue brilliant premise can’t wait to witness it’s birth

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  2. Yay! Can’t wait! 📚😀

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  3. Mary Lingard

    Sounds like a great title to me and I’m sure that it will be a good read as always, with all your books, Sue. Love Mary xoxo


  4. Mick

    Standing by…. xx

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  5. Love it, Sue. It’ll be another gem of a read, I’m sure 🙂 X

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  6. markewest

    Yay, finally! Can’t wait to see this in the shops!

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  7. Great name. I’d read it!! 😀


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