RNA Conference 2015 part 2 #RNAConf15

A few more pix from the RNA Conference last weekend:

Panel 21 The cemetery in the middle of the Queen Mary College campus. Never seen an on-campus cemetery before!

2 Participants in the ‘Show-and-tell versus show-don’t-tell’ workshop run by myself and Christina Courtenay.

3 and 6 The gala dinner on Saturday in the fab Rotunda library.

4 The ceiling in the library.

5 Gill Stewart and I have to refresh ourselves after filling goodie bags. (Those who know me well will not be surprised that I have the giant cuppa!)

7 Laura James and Christina Courtenay.

And my absolute favourite, courtesy of Janet Gover, the Choc Lit authors at the gala dinner.

CL at conf 2015

Back row, L-R: Jane Lovering, Sarah Waights, Kate Johnson, Sheryl Browne, Linda Mitchelmore, Margaret Kaine, Margaret James, Laura James, Evonne Wareham, Liz Harris.

Front row, L-R: Janet Gover, Alison May, Rhoda Baxter, self, Christina Courtenay, Henriette Gyland.


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2 responses to “RNA Conference 2015 part 2 #RNAConf15

  1. I would love to know what was the outcome of “show and tell” vs “show not tell” as this is an area that I struggle with and am trying to rectify!


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