The 2015 conference of the Romantic Novelists’ Association was fantastic. As it was at Queens College University, London, the city where many industry professionals are based, Friday was Industry Day.

Where else can you ask questions of agents such as Carole Blake (Blake Friedmann), Tim Bates (Pollinger), Lisa Eveleigh (Richard Beckley), Hanna Ferguson (Hardman Swainson) and Caroline Sheldon (Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency); and editors such as Kim Young, Helen Huthwaite, Martha Ashby, Kate Bradley, Anna Baggeley, Gillian Green, Jane Johnson, and many more? Also Matt Bates, fiction buyer for W H Smith Travel, Jim Azevedo of Smashwords, book bloggers, reviewers … the list went on.

Christina Courtenay and I ran a workshop titled ‘Show-and-tell versus show-don’t-tell’ on Saturday afternoon, and we were happy to get nearly 60 participants, some of whom allowed Christina to dress them in traditional Japanese costume and answer questions about how it felt to wear a kimono or geta (shoes). Thanks to everybody who took part, made it fun, wore the clothes and ate the biscuits and chocolate.

RNAConf15 panel

The workshops, talks and panels are only part of what goes on at a conference of course. One has to socialise a little.

Henriette Gyland, Christina Courtenay, Gill Stewart and Kate Thompson.


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10 responses to “RNA CONFERENCE 2015 #RNACONF15

  1. Socialise? Well, it would be rude not to!



  2. Sounds like such fun as well as informative and inspirational!


    • It really was fun – I always love the conference. But I took half a pad of notes, as well. It’s not just a case of always adding to the writing craft but also keeping up with what’s happening in our industry and in our genre. 🙂


  3. Was lovely to see you at the conference, Sue! I had a great time. Sorry that I missed your workshop as it clashed with another-so many people have said how great it was, hope to see it if you do again. Loved your blue dress :-). Hope you have a fab time at Arte Umbria.


    • Thanks, Anita. Glad that you had a great time (I wonder if there was anyone who actually didn’t enjoy it???).

      That dress certainly shows up in photos.

      Ah, Italy! I hope you have a fab time, too. x


  4. So pleased everyone had a load of fun! Hope you’ve recovered, Sue. HAve a lovely week.


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