Italy, the company of writers … what’s not to love?

Flip chart and table on the veranda

Flip chart and table on the veranda

Although I work on my own mostly, and like it that way, sometimes I get the opportunity to work with other writers. I love their company and the feeling of being with people like myself, who live partly in the worlds of their imaginations.

Sharing the world another writer is creating, as they create it, is really exciting. I’m able to dip in and out of these worlds-in-progress whenever I run a workshop or share an ideas storm with a writing friend – but, once a year, I’m able to share a special experience, a

The terrace

The terrace

writing ‘holiday’, in a special place. At Arte Umbria, halfway up an Italian mountain in beautiful Umbria, my classroom is a sunny/shady terrace with panoramic views. I’m able to tailor what I offer to the participants: workshops, one-to-one tutorials, mentoring, peer review, publishing insight and private writing time. Writers of all abilities and experiences from novices to second- or third-time novelists come on the holiday to progress their work, expand their knowledge, write, and leave the workaday world behind.

My room last year

My room last year

The Poggiolame Estate is wild and beautiful, full of places to walk. There’s a swimming pool, places to write, and the house itself is 300 years old, furnished in a way that’s somehow gracious and quirky. The food and wine is fabulous and the hosts, Sara and David, are welcoming. We only leave the estate to go on a couple of local excursions. As course leader I’m busy all day, but even I find time to write, without pesky domestic chores to bother me.

The pool

The pool

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  1. Sounds like the perfect place to recharge the batteries, Sue. šŸ™‚

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