‘Short and Sweet’, a one-day course on short story writing

New logoDo you fancy joining me at the gorgeous DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Cambridge, England on the 25th January 2014?

That’s the day I’ll be leading the workshop ‘Short and Sweet’ for the lovely WriteStars organisation. From 10 till 4 that Saturday we’ll be looking at why we write short stories, how they can earn us money or add to our CV, how best to structure a short story and aim it at the right market … and all the many ways in which we can improve and tailor our writing to catch the eye of the right person. £95

You can see all of the WriteStars workshops here. Or just telephone 020 3078 7825 or email info@writestars.co.uk.

If you prefer a day learning how to write a romantic novel, there’s 29 March, ‘How to Write a Romantic Novel in a Day’. Join me for a unique workshop at a fabulous location in the West End. We’re keeping the exact location secret until 9.30 am on 29 March – your very own magical mystery course, in a stunningly romantic location! £150 (£125 until 31 January 2014) Beware, though, there’s a dress code for this workshop venue – no jeans or trainers! (I’d better note the no jeans thing in my diary …)

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope that 2014 is a wonderful year for you.

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