‘We like your book’

I’m doing a happy dance (mainly the cha-cha with a tiny bit of jive thrown in) because yesterday I  learned that Is This Love? has been shortlisted for the Readers Best Romantic Read Award at the Festival of Romance.

The paperback isn’t even out until the 7th of November and Is This Love? has already received a nomination. That is truly a reason to dance and be happy. In fact ‘happy’ isn’t strong enough a word – I feel as if a giant balloon has swooped me up into the sky.

As I was already going to the Festival Ball on Saturday 9th November, where the award ceremony takes place, I have bought a dress (purple, on theme with the cover, although I didn’t think of it at the time) so I’m all sorted.

The shortlist is strong (Scarlett Bailey, Miranda Dickinson, Liz Fenwick, Jane Lovering, me and Hazel Osmond) and congratulations to them all, and to all the authors shortlisted for the Romance Reader Awards, the Industry Awards and the New Talent Award at the Festival of Romance.

The Romance Reader Awards are judged by a reader panel and so this nomination says to me ‘We like your book’. No commercial considerations weigh with a reader panel – each reader must read one dozen books and every book gets at least three reads – it’s simply that  Is This Love? is in the top six of the books they liked best of all those they read for the award. There can be only one winner for each award, of course, but actually, winning doesn’t matter to me as much as you might think. Last year I received four different nominations and didn’t win a sausage (in fact, had I won and the prize turned out to be a sausage, I would have been disappointed) but I thoroughly enjoyed those nominations, the validation, the happy feelings, and the awards events.L&F with Award

Nominations are fabulous.

But I have to admit that in 2011, when I did win, it was … incredible. That’s when Love & Freedom won the very same award for which Is This Love? has received its nomination.

The moment when the announcement was made is etched on my heart forever as one of those rare instants of pure joy. And I didn’t win a sausage, I won a beautiful crystal trophy. Then a waiter bought me chocolate cake and my evening was complete.



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21 responses to “‘We like your book’

  1. Wow! That’s exciting! And I love it that you’re so excited! Good luck, Sue, we’ll hear how you get on anon. I have bought it and hope to start reading it soon.


  2. I am so pleased for you, Sue. Not only do you produce fantastic novels, you give so much back to the writing industry.
    Many congratulations on your nomination 🙂 xx


  3. Lesley Dawson

    Congratulations Sue! I hope you have another crystal and chocolate evening to look forward to. 🙂


  4. Hooray, well done on the nomination Sue! I’ve yet to start reading, but just know it’s a treat in store…


  5. Good luck, Sue! It’s a well deserved nomination 🙂 I love your stories (as I may have told you a few times now lol!) Unfortunately I can’t make this event, but I might have to try and get there next year. So exciting 🙂 I’ve got the book on pre-order. I’m undecided whether to wrap it up for myself and put under the tree as a Christmas present to me (from Santa). It’s whether I can wait until Christmas to read it.


    • Thank you, Teresa! Sorry you can’t be there but I hope you make it next year. I’ve always enjoyed it.

      I suppose you could read it, then wrap it up for Christmas and read it again? 😀 Sue x


  6. Congratulations Sue!


  7. Many congratulations, Sue! Hope you have a great time at the festival 🙂 xx


  8. Congratulations! So proud of you.
    What a great shortlist.
    Fingers crossed – will be waiting to hear…
    Wish I could be there… maybe next year.
    N 😉 xx


  9. Congrats Sue. So thrilled to be on the short list with you!!


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