Ebook publication day for Is This Love?

Today’s ebook publication day for Is This Love?

It’s kind of crept up on me as I’m busy with the next book (which has at least three possible titles …) and have been stopping to do the promo for Is This Love? whenever requested, without realising that Tamara and Jed would soon be let loose on the ereading public.

So, what can I tell you about the book? Well, it’s about the different types and qualities of love.

Tamara has never moved away from Middledip village out of love for her sister, Lyddie, who sufferedย a hit-and-run accident when she was a teen and needs more care than most adults. Jed, teenage sweetheart of Lyddie, left the village around the time of the accident and the story opens when adult Jed returns to explain who was driving the car that hit Lyddie. He’s a bit of a mystery, is Jed, having dropped out of society for a while at sixteen yet somehow managed to land a great job without a qualification to his name.

As a ten-year-old, Tamara had harboured a secret crush on Jed – and those feelings come rushing back. But now she can’t make up her mind about him. Is he one of the good guys?

Or not?

DSCF9095I had a lot of fun with this book. Tamara’s a yoga instructor and yoga is one of my passions, so the research there wasn’t difficult because my own yoga instructor, Gail, gave up her time to help me. But there’s an alpaca herd in the book, and millionaires, and a lot of money, all of which had to be investigated. I had to find out how much half a million pounds in ยฃ50 notes weighs and whether a woman with a bad leg could carry it, when alpacas have their babies and how to look after them (happily, I have other friends, Sue and Adrian, who keep alpacas), what a close protection officer does (Jed has a stepbrother, Manny, who heads up security for the millionaires) and other fascinating stuff … like what happens at a spa day. (I had to do a day and a weekend, just to make double sure I had it all covered …)

The less fun research was into acquired head injury. My thoughts are often with all those who have suffered.

ITL The paperback of Is This Love? will be released on 7th November 2013. I received my author copies just before I went on holiday in mid-September. Pretty! It’s a sight that always makes my heart sing.


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37 responses to “Ebook publication day for Is This Love?

  1. Morton Gray

    Good luck with the book, Sue. Looking forward to your workshop in Derby. Mx


  2. Research can be fun – I’ve learned about all sorts of things I wouldn’t have imagined I’d ever need to know.


  3. suzy39

    All the best with your new novel. Sounds like a fantastic story. Love the research trips – spa day. Brilliant and enjoyable no doubt. There has to be some perks here and there. Definitely putting it on my list.


  4. Lesley Dawson

    What a lovely sight – a box full of your own books! It was just topped by the photograph of that handsome alpaca. I really feel for you, Sue … research is a tough business – all that basking around on spa days and gazing at cuddly alpacas, hee-hee. Happy Publication Day!


  5. If there’s an alpaca involved then I’m your target audience. On my 39th birthday I paid $10,000 to our next door neighbours for a pregnant alpaca our Rhodesian RIdgeback chased into a feed trough (which was very strange since they were friends). So I’m very familiar with the accounting regarding valuable white cria babies, etc. But I would LOVE to read your book.


  6. Based on this, I’m seriously considering researching Disneyworld…Really looking forward to the read ๐Ÿ™‚ xx


  7. Sue, Is this Love sounds wonderful – I can’t wait to get my hands on it! I love your little teasers on the research you did – a fascinating glimpse into the book. Yoga, money and alpacas – ummm!


  8. Looking forward to the new book Sue – I am a bit of an alpaca fan – especially of the wool – which is fabulous to knit with. Expensive – but fabulous to knit and to wear.


  9. Good luck with Is this Love? Just reading your blogpost has made me think I want to get back into going to yoga regularly – maybe reading the book will force me off my sizeable writer’s bottom to actually go do it!


  10. Zana

    I too am looking forward to another great read. I live yoga and when doing strange contortions in a class, often think it would make a good story. Glad you’ve written it!


  11. I loved this book, Sue ๐Ÿ™‚ I also have a very soft spot for alpacas! Wishing you lots of luck – I hope Is This Love? is a huge success!


  12. *sigh* Yet another on my “Must Read” list!! Random Trivia: there’s a herd of alpacas down the road from us here in Evesham.


    • Those alpacas get everywhere … I hope you enjoy Is This Love? when you read it, John. Great to meet you last night, at Knighton Library. Thanks for making the effort to come over and I hope that you had a smooth journey home.


  13. Ooh, alpacas – some of my favourite beasts, I remember taking my grandson to see them when he was little. They have lovely eyes. I’m looking forward to reading your new book, Sue – sounds like another winner!


  14. What an interesting story this sounds, Sue, think I need a spa day in my next book!


  15. I have a friend who keeps alpacas. Book sounds amazing, Sue – as always.


  16. Sounds like a fab story Sue, wish you lots of sales with it xx


  17. Very much looking forward to reading this! And all that research – sounds tough ๐Ÿ™‚


  18. Congratulations Sue (im behind as usual lol)

    Im sure it will be a HUGE success ๐Ÿ™‚



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