Write to Win! With Sue Moorcroft

Here’s a great blog by Sally Jenkins, who participated in my recent ‘Write to Win!’ one-day workshop at Mackworth Library, Derby. As the workshop was a sell out, there’s a plan to run it again in the autumn – November 16th, but yet to be confirmed.

Sally Jenkins

The other week I attended Write to Win! at Mackworth library in Derby.

Mackworth signpost on Ashbourne Road (A52), Ma...

It was a workshop on winning short story competitions with the Writers’ Forum head judge, Sue Moorcroft. There were 12 of us (a sell-out apparently) around the table waiting to hear Sue’s pearls of wisdom and she didn’t disappoint.

I’ve tried to condense the whole day into the few bullet points listed below. Some of it you may have heard before but the fact that judges, like Sue, keep giving the same advice means that most of us aren’t following it – so take heed!

  • Have a great title and first sentence
  • Avoid putting flashback on the first page. The first page is an ‘access corridor’ to the rest of the story and flashback hampers this. If it must be there, put it in dialogue form to keep the story moving forward
  • Bring in the conflict on the…

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  1. Sounds absolutely amazing 🙂


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