Getting ready for the RoNAs – what do you think about my shoes?

DALD_v12.2 reviseJust in case you missed it – Dream a Little Dream is up for a RoNA in the Contemporary Romantic Novel category. What does this mean?


Tomorrow evening there’s an awards party in London’s Piccadilly where Richard & Judy will be presenting the elegant glass stars to the winners of each category. I like parties. I’m sure I’ll like a party where I’m a nominated author more than any other kind.

I’m going down to London this afternoon to stay with a friend from then till Wednesday. So here’s how my ‘do do’ list is going:

– shower. Yup, done that. In fact, I’ve already had two goes at the hair but it’s not your average ‘do as you’re told’ hair so that’s not uncommon. Wonder whether I ought to have got my hair cut. Decide that if the gods had thought that important they would have given me better hair.

– begin putting miscellaneous items on the bed ready to pack.

– think about packing. Realise I don’t possess the ideal case and need to either squash everything in the small one or let it rattle around in the large one. Will probably do the latter and then curse it when I’m lifting it on and off trains and escalators. I always feel really conspicuous when I’m wheeling a case along the streets, too. It’s one of those that you pull behind you and trip everyone up.

– put the computer on and chat on Twitter and Facebook. Answer a couple of emails from lovely friends who have sent me good luck messages. Answer a good luck text from my mum. (Bet she sends another tomorrow!)

– put my iPad on charge.

– ring for a taxi to the station. Eek! [Pause] Yup, done that.

– wrap birthday presents for birthday meals I’m attending on my return Wednesday and Thursday. (One’s a box of bath bombs and one’s a toy fire engine, so I hope I don’t get them mixed up.)

– examine my nails and wish they hadn’t all broken inexplicably last week.


Pretty sandals


Not boring but will they ‘go’?

– feel sorry that I’ve let down the Romantic Novelists’ Association by failing to find purple shoes to match my purple evening purse. I’ll have to wear the boring black ones. Actually, they’re not boring – I love them! But now I’ve looked at them again, I’m not sure they’ll look right with my dress. So should I go for the pretty sandals?


Slightly bondage

Or the slightly bondage ones?

photo(4) copy

Blingy courts

Or the blingy courts?


Shoe litter

(By this time the bedroom floor’s a little … littered.)

I’ll try and make up for the lack of purple shoes by drinking extra champagne, to show I’m still a good RNA member. Erk. If I’d booked an earlier train I could have shopped in Carnaby Street or somewhere for shoes this afternoon! Thunk.

– try on dress with all shoes (probably hate them all)

– pack

– do make up. Congratulate self on remembering to get eyebrows done. (Sorry, but these things are important.)

– get in taxi

– get on train.

I think that’s everything. (What do you think about the shoes?)




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26 responses to “Getting ready for the RoNAs – what do you think about my shoes?

  1. A girl can never have enough shoes, every occasion is an excuse for a new pair!


  2. Like the blingy court shoes best. But if you must have purple on your feet …why not wear open toed shoes, with purple nail polish. Have a lovely time! xx


  3. The bondage ones look cool! Have fun and I sooooo hope you win! x


  4. Penny

    Sue – think back now to a time when you remembered what someone else was wearing ? Probably not much in detail! The thing is, what you really remember is whether they were smiling! So just go and enjoy yourself and lots of luck.


  5. I’d go for the sandals and purple nail varnish on your toes.


  6. I like the blingy courts too šŸ™‚

    Good luck honey!!!!!



  7. Sorry but I’m going to be boring and suggest wear whatever is most comfy and guaranteed not to blister. But colour co-ordinated toes always work! Hope you have a blast and come home with the award šŸ™‚


  8. Kathleen Kelley

    I like the strappy sandals. Best of luck, Sue! Kathy Kelley


  9. Good luck, Sue. It’s on my ‘to-do’ list to read this book (I must buy it also!) But I will get to it soon. Fingers and toes crossed.


  10. Those peep toe boots are seriously fab – but on this occasion I’d go with the bling courts – very stylish! Good luck Sue!!


  11. Blingy courts. Not sure who Blingy courts, that’s up to her I suppose. Good luck Sue. We’re all rooting for you.


  12. HI Sue,
    I liked the pretty sandals….
    Well just wanted to share this with you that i have written a short easy reader chapter book for children ages 7-10 and have just send it to editors and publishers. Getting little jittery!!
    Wanted to thank you for all the help during the course.. It pays ….



  13. I know it’s far too late now but I’d go for the bondage shoes. Hee hee. What did you plump for in the end??


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