Ta-daaaahhh! Gorgeous new cover

Due out November 2013

Due out November 2013

I’m thrilled to be able to reveal my new cover.

I think it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Covers are crucial to giving a book a chance of success. Completely contrary to the saying ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ books are constantly judged in exactly that way. Browsers, particularly, are attracted or otherwise by the visual appeal. We sometimes refer to it as ‘pickupability’ – that elusive image that draws prospective readers to take a book from the shelf.

Choc Lit have given me a fine array of covers and this one is no exception. Berni Stevens is the talented cover artist who created this (and Dream a Little Dream) and I often don’t envy her her job. It’s common for cover artists to submit an array of concepts, have one taken up, work on refining and completing the design with the publisher – only for the buyers from major booksellers to give it the thumbs down. So then the cover artists begins all over again …

Berni was particularly under pressure with this cover because not only were we getting close to deadline for the American market but the lovely people at My Weekly had asked me to write a story for their 2014 Annual, due out ITL?_packshot copyin October 2013, and were including an interview with me, partly about Is This Love?, due out a month later. We all wanted the new cover to be included in the feature – and they go to press with the annual first thing this morning. So Berni did a fantastic job getting the cover finalised with a day in hand.

From a writer’s perspective, part of whether a cover ‘works’ for us relies on whether the it correctly interprets our words. It must be irritating to be given a cover depicting a woman with red hair if the story tells us her hair is black or that the hero drives a sportscar but we see him in a family saloon. And I never see how glaring inaccuracies contribute to pickupability. So I’m lucky that Berni reads my books and then creates something that’s truly awesome.

What do you think? Do you like the new cover?


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26 responses to “Ta-daaaahhh! Gorgeous new cover

  1. sunnu.golwalla

    Never knew this about book covers. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I think it’s lovely. Not my usual choice of genre but I might be tempted if I saw this in a bookshop. I wish my covers were as good – they are OK but I don’t get a lot of say in them.



  3. Caroline Praed

    Brilliant cover – but I would have been looking for your book anyway, as I love your writing!

    Caroline Praed


  4. Yes, I like it. Importantly, it also says ‘Sue Moorcroft’ to me.


  5. Penny

    It’s lovely, Sue! I like the soft colours contrasted with that neat silhouette of the couple. Pictures being worth a thousand words etc. πŸ™‚ but still we look forward to reading the words just the same!


  6. Definitely a ‘pickupable’ cover Sue, looks very inviting. All of the Choclit books do look beautifully packaged. I also liked cover for ‘Dream a little dream’. Sometimes it’s the combination of colours that particularly attract me along with title.


    • Thanks for your thoughts, Tracy. Feedback’s always useful and appreciated. I agree about colours. I seldom buy a yellow book unless it’s by one of my favourite writers. There’s no logic to it – I’m just not attracted.


  7. Karen B

    I love the cover Sue…I’d pick up any of your books no matter the cover because they are such wonderful reads. I recently finished Dream a Little Dream and Love and Freedom and adored them both. Your titles I own on my Kindle as I wasn’t previously able to buy them in Australia in print.

    The only thoughts I have with covers is that it has to be something that won’t embarrass you whilst reading in public…the older covers with half naked men draped all over them can make me a little too self conscious to read in public lol.


    • Hi Karen, and thank you! πŸ™‚

      Luckily, I’ve never had a half-naked man draped over my covers, but I know the ones you mean. You could always put the jacket of another book around them, I suppose.


  8. It’s gorgeous you lucky thing.Another fab cover by Berni.Look forward to reading Is This Love?
    Nikki x


  9. Just blogged about the importance of book covers because of a Huffington Post article on “ten lousy covers” from self-published authors – their adjectives not mine. What it reveals is not only the nativity of throwing away an essential marketing tool, is that a writer who thinks they can do everything – including design a cover that will attract readers – may also have poor judgement about other things AND probably doesn’t have friends who are able to tell them when they get it wrong.
    Interesting and evocative cover….but best of all is the title. I imagine that is down to you but I guess that’s another story/post!


    • Hi Bridget. I saw the HuffPo article. With a self published book you don’t know what’s going to be good about them and what bad – cover or contents! There are some good of each and bad of each, I think.

      I’m glad you like my new cover – thank you. Yes, the title is mine, so thanks for liking that, too. The book concerns different types of love because one love or loyalty often conflicts with another.



    • PS Bridget, there’s a little more about my covers, including foreign ones, on the Choc Lit Authors blog at http://blog.choc-lit.co.uk/?p=4188 if you’re interested. S


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