Who would be the guests at your dream dinner party?

Just suppose that you could invite anybody – anybody, ANYBODY, living, dead or imaginary – to dinner, who would get one of your nicest shiny invitations? And why?

Here’s my pick:

Damon Hill – World Formula 1 Driver Champion in 1996. I’m now getting a lot of Damon fixes as he’s a pundit for Sky F1, but you can’t get too much of a good thing. He would have to shave, though. Sorry, Damon, beards are out.

Stephen Fry – an amazing, irreverent, intelligent, articulate, funny guy. He could bring Alan Davies with him, if he wanted. (I think Stephen my currently be wearing a beard, too. For goodness sake, Stephen! Break out the razor.)

Miss Wishart – who taught me for two year at Tigne Barracks School in Malta. I’ve always wanted a few quiet minutes with her as an adult. She could do the washing up and serving – I wouldn’t actually set a place at the table for her.

Rich Hall – another funny guy, a comedian from Montana. Always has a dry remark ready, never seems to feel the need to belittle the vulnerable in order to get a laugh.

Murray Walker – for his decades of experience in Formula 1 and his amazing fund of stories.

Ratty, Justin, James, Martyn, Adam, Dominic and Jed. Readers of my books will already have met them and know why I’d want them there! And Jed – but nobody but me and my publisher have met him yet …

photoBatman – just so I could say, ‘What now, Batman?’

Han Solo – I don’t have to explain that one, do I?

Hmm. I can see that I haven’t arranged a balance between the genders. But, hey. My table, my rules.

Who would be around your table?


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20 responses to “Who would be the guests at your dream dinner party?

  1. What a great idea:

    Germaine Greer – for her ideas, and her wit, and her brain the size of a planet.

    David Tennant (though I’m not sure he had sit still long enough)

    Victoria Wood – because she’s funny.

    Brian Johnson (this is a fantasy, so it doesn’t matter that he’s dead. But he is also funny, and knows his cricket).

    My aunt – she’s 92, and had an opinion on everything!

    Mo Farah – who is an inspiration, even for people whose idea of exercise is leaping up from the sofa to cheer him on.

    (Better get cooking …)


  2. What a great list, Jo. I’ve heard Germaine Greer speak and she’s amazing. πŸ™‚


  3. Gina

    “What now, Batman?” Hahahahaha, I love it! I’d start with these, and consider some of my better behaved characters http://pinterest.com/ginarossiwriter/fantasy-dinner-party/


  4. I want to know what you’d say to Miss Wishart!


    • I would suggest to her that before you break pens over the knuckles of a child who isn’t reading, you ought to actually check whether she has been taught … And that people actually do get somewhere by daydreaming! πŸ™‚


  5. Liv Thomas

    Mikhael Gorbachev – fascinating man
    Katie Piper – inspirational
    Terry Pratchett – also inspirational and with a wonderful sense of humour
    Chris Evans – eye candy
    Faramir of Gondor – the perfect man?
    Prince Harry – seems like fun


  6. Ooh, this is a game I play in my head all the time!
    *Prince Rupert of the Rhine – sexy, brave, good-looking, not good husband material but great for a dinner party.
    *Richard III – ‘e never dunnit!
    *Charlotte Yonge – Victorian bestseller and inspiration
    *Angela Thirkell – mid C20 witty bestseller, also inspiration
    *Earl of Grantham/Hugh Bonneville – charming and a good eater so he’d finish up the leftovers
    *Joan Baez – for my husband to swoon over
    And maybe DCI Gene Hunt just to spice things up! (Not sure how Miss Yonge would get on with him but we’ll keep the wine flowing anyway)


  7. Ahhh how wonderful!
    I would have:

    Edgar Allan Poe – just imagine the atmosphere
    James Salter- he could teach me how to write those breathtaking lines
    Ian McEwen – I’d like to know if he enjoyed writing Sweet Tooth
    Sidney Sheldon – I want to know all his secrets
    Gary Barlow – yum yum
    Neil Diamond – we could all sing along, yay!
    Julia Roberts – she so pretty
    Sigmund Freud – would be fascinating
    Alex Salmond – he’s funny and needs to know all our stories
    Bette Davis – she would make it all very interesting
    Bon Jovi – just so I could touch his hair (when my husband goes to fetch the champagne)

    And I would get someone else to cook….


  8. I had to answer that question on Helen Hollick’s blog a while back and these are the people I chose:-

    Jesus (I’m not religious, but I’d really like to meet the real historical figure and find out what it was about him that was so charismatic.)
    Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar (I’d try to persuade him to tell me what secrets they were really hiding)
    Prince Rupert of the Rhine – yep, me too!
    Bonnie Prince Charlie – I’m definitely a Jacobite πŸ™‚
    Jared Leto – if he grows his eyebrows out again
    The Queen – I think she’d hold her own in any conversation and she looks like she has a great sense of humour.
    Joe Elliott (lead singer of the band Def Leppard) – a bit of northern charm and down to earth attitudes would add spice to the table I think.
    Roger Moore – I think he personifies the β€œEnglish gentleman” and he seems to have a great sense of humour too.
    Georgette Heyer – a very forthright lady, from all accounts, and one who could be counted on to stir up the conversation I think.
    Chris Hemsworth – a new addition but I hope he comes dresses as Thor πŸ™‚


  9. Having just read ‘All that Mullarkey’ (loved it by the way) I’d certainly invite Justin, but not sure what hubby would think…
    Along with:
    David Attenborough – has to be the world’s best raconteur and I could listen to his voice all night.
    The Queen – bet she has a whole bunch of funny stories to share
    Ray Mears – in case of problems with the oven, then he can get a fire going
    Dr Alice (sorry don’t know her surname, she’s always on TV digging up skeletons etc) – to keep hubby happy
    Jackson Brodie (from Kate Atkinson’s novels) – to help me in the kitchen…


  10. Couldn’t let this one pass me by without a comment.

    Johnny Depp – needs no explanation
    Erm….. nope that’s it just Johnny.

    However, if I let Johnny out of the bedroom long enough to actually have a dinner party I would also invite…

    Ronnie Barker – Such a clever and funny man and I wanted to meet him before he died but never got the chance.
    George Michael – amazing singer and all time fave star (seen 17 times in concert)
    Cheryl Cole – she’s beautiful and I want to be her friend (sad I know)
    Eric from True Blood – for when Johnny needs a break.
    Cinderella – be nice for Miss Wishart to cook her a meal, she would appreciate it.
    Ant and Dec – they are hilarious and I quite fancy them both.
    Sarah McLachlan – to provide the beautiful haunting music.

    There are probably so many more but Johnny is calling me…..



  11. Such great guest lists — Rupert of the Rhine! I fell in love with him when I was 13 and I don’t think I ever fell out…Germaine Greer yes, yes, especially when she is talking about Mills and Boon and why women aren’t nerds except when it comes to buying romantic fiction (and when I heard her talk at Goldsmiths back in 2005 it was a case of whatever-gets-you-through-the-day rather than a rant against the writers). Stephen Fry is mandatory isn’t he? I mean it couldn’t be an official dream dinner party without….that great lover and politician Charles Stewart Parnell, the uncrowned king of Ireland as he was known in his day, (the colour green was supposed to have made feel physically sick) Danton from the French revolution and Gerald Depardieu to translate (and they could talk about film) and…must stop. This is seriously addictive and I haven’t even got onto writers yet…


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