Rowan Coleman has never stopped dreaming

Joining us for the Dream a Little Dream blogathon today is the dreamily versatile Rowan Coleman.

Go for it, Rowan:

I have a lot of dreams, I am a very dreamy person. But possibly my most long standing and as yet unfulfilled dream, is the one I have of one day using the Booker Prize winning speech that I have been practising since I was nine years old.

Now, at the age of forty-one, I have come to realise that it is very unlikely that I will ever win the Booker Prize, and so, in the interests of being a pragmatist, I’ve adapted it to be suitable for almost any prize. It can also be used it for The Oscars, for example (what, it could happen!) or The Nobel Peace Prize (The fights I’ve broken up in my living room). I could use it for winning Best Victoria Sponge at the town fete (Although due to my baking skills this is slightly less likely than me wining The Booker) or really anything at all. Why, you may think, what a shallow dream, to dream only of some vain glory, when there is so much else in the world to dream of?

But you see, that dream is the dream that reminds me of the little girl I used to be, preparing herself for literary glory, even when her dyslexia meant she couldn’t read or write nearly as fast as her imagination could invent stories.  When I was nine years old I believed I could conquer to world come what may and that nothing, but nothing would be able to stop me. As I mentioned, I’m forty-one now, but I still believe all things are possible, and I’m still up for giving it a darn good go.


Thanks, Rowan! Inspirational post.

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One response to “Rowan Coleman has never stopped dreaming

  1. Trrish

    Oh Rowan, I love that you sill have the same dream you did at 9 years old! So do I. My dream is to be a Mum. Until then, I look forward to stories from you. About your kids on Twitter or on paper about people you have dreamed up. Keep dreaming! Xx


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