The Joy of Dreaming

It’s my pleasure to have the prolific and much-loved Liz Fielding on the Dream a Little Dream blogathon, today.

Liz’s dreams are so useful! I wish I had some like hers. Here’s what she has to tell us:

I’m not much of a dreamer, either in real life or when sleeping. I have ambitions and they have to be worked at I find; dreaming doesn’t have much to do with it.

My night time dreams are usually frustrating searches in which I wander endlessly up and down hotel corridors looking for something.

Once though, just once, I woke from a dream, raced to my computer and poured out a whole load of stream of consciousness stuff that was the beginning of a book, not stopping until my mind had emptied itself onto the screen. I was in the middle of another book at the time so had to put it to one side. It lingered in the back of my mind, but the big question was, would it stand up to scrutiny when I went back to it, or would it just be one of those jumbled jottings that you find on the notebook by the side of the bed in the morning that make no sense at all.

The answer was no. I had this fabulous heroine, Jilly Prescott, facing down the dragon of London’s top secretarial agency, because she had a big reason for wanting to be in London. The man — you knew it would be a man — she had supported while he was building a career was now a big success; and too busy to call her. That scene remained almost unchanged in Dating Her Boss. (The dragon had her own book, The Baby Plan, not long after.)

Now, every night when I go to bed, I close my eyes and hope for another dream that will send me flying to the keyboard and provide me with two books. So far, without success. Unless the sandman delivers soon, I might be forced to write about a heroine lost in an hotel with endless corridors and lifts that go nowhere. But I don’t think that would be a romance.

To be in with a chance of winning a copy of a Liz Fielding book, comment to tell us what you’ve dreamed about that’s proved useful. Liz will choose her favourite.



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8 responses to “The Joy of Dreaming

  1. I’m loving your guests’ dreams, Sue. And Dream A Little Dream is near the top of my tbr pile. Can’t wait!


  2. Hi Sue & Liz:

    Dreams need direction. As I go to sleep, I often set up a scenario from my WIP and ask ‘dream central’ to see what they can do with it. I hoping to just extend the story a little or move it a new direction. That’s all I ask.

    Very often the ‘story’ will continue as I am in that dream state between being awake and falling deep asleep. While I don’t get much, I do find this process very helpful for exploring the possibilities of the next scene. I can dream what I would never think of while awake.

    As a copy editor many years ago I would havet dreams that were all words scrolling by and I would have to read my dreams. The dreams were in black and white and reading them in that state always put me into dreamless deep sleep. So I never got to finish even one of these dreams. I always felt cheated and I never encouraged such dreams. I read copy all day long and didn’t need to read it in my dreams.

    I do believe that dreams are a part of real life and that it is dreaming that gives meaning to real life. If it were not for dreams would we even know what ‘real life’ means?

    BTW: Liz, place those corridors in an almost empty hospital and you have the start of a YA novel.



  3. Useful dreams? Mmm, probably the most useful were those which alerted me to the fact that something was ailing one of my children. You know those dreams where your maternal instinct just sort of, somehow, picks up something on the radar.? You wake up in a sweat, the next day you bring your child to the doctor and sure enough they were sickening. Nothing too serious I’m glad to say, but just a little thing that my conscious mind kept missing! I believe in my dreams, and always follow them, but for the most practical and prosaic of reasons! 🙂


  4. martine

    I think the most useful dreams I’ve had are when I’ve dreamt about acquaintances; generally some that I’ve not been particularly well-disposed to- have to admit many have been in positions of seniority to me at work and so I have resented because of their ‘power’ over me- and I have seen a softer side to them in my dream and hence going forth I have been less resentful and more co-operative and therefore happier. Wacky psychology!


  5. Hi Vince – I used to dream in shorthand! And I’m thinking that if my hotel dreams got any weirder I’d be channeling Stephen King!


  6. Edith, I remember that instant awake mode when an infant cries – every cell absolutely alert. Clearly something inbuilt to protect vulnerable babies from the bad stuff in the dark.


  7. What a wonderful dreamer you are, Martine! I hope your colleagues were aware how lucky they were to have you. 🙂


  8. Thank you, everyone, for your great comments. Dreams – such a fascinating subject.


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