Katie Fforde sees her friends in dreams …

Today, I’m welcoming one of my favourite writers, Katie Fforde, to the Dream a Little Dream blogathon.

Katie tells us:

The other night I had a dream about an old friend.  In the dream I picked her up from the bus stop and went on a mad adventure that involved driving up very steep hills covered in thick snow, looking for a holiday cottage my husband had bought.

Although the dream was enjoyable, it was the feeling it left I most treasured.  This friend and I used to be very close but time and a change in our lives meant we had lost touch and I felt she had fallen out with me.  It happened that I saw her very soon after the dream and told her about it.  She was as delighted as I was to hear of our intrepid journey (we are neither of us confident drivers – I don’t drive at all any more!) but what was so lovely was I felt we were back to our old friendship again.


Lovely story, Katie! Thanks for joining me on my blog.



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6 responses to “Katie Fforde sees her friends in dreams …

  1. Catherine Miller

    What a lovely dream & how nice to have seen that same friend so shortly afterwards.


  2. That was a really lovely dream! I love those sort of dreams which linger on with us long after we have woken up and gone about the business of our day. Mind you there have been times when I woke up from a dream where I had been arguing with my husband and found it very hard to be civil to him over breakfast. The poor man had no idea why I was a bit off hand with him!! 🙂


  3. I very rarely remember any coherent plot after waking from a dream, only fast fading and fractured images. But as Katie said, it’s the feeling that you’re left with which stay with you. As if you’ve been somewhere, done something, talked to someone that is, in a profound way, *significant*. Glad your dream was followed up by the reunion, Katie. What a happy ending! gx


  4. I’ve been dreaming a lot lately – partly as anresult of a cough which has given many a broken night! Half way through DALD. Sue, and loving it.


  5. It’s so nice when dreams actually come true – lovely story!


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