Jill Mansell shares her dream

I’m thrilled to welcome Jill Mansell to the Dream a Little Dream blogathon, today. Jill writes fabulous, funny, touching rom com.

And this is the story Jill’s sharing with us today:

None of my childhood dreams were ever that I might one day become a bestselling author, because that was simply too far beyond all imagining.

Which makes it all the more bizarre that my big dream was to be crowned Miss World.

I was a skinny gawky plain little girl and staying up to watch the Miss World competitions was one of the absolute highlights of my existence. Every year my mum would say Julia Morley (wife of Eric, the organiser of the shows) should win, as she was more beautiful than any of the contestants. But silently I’d be wishing that I could be the winner. I wanted to be crowned and have that sash placed around me, and walk that triumphantly tearful winner’s walk across the stage while camera bulbs flashed and everyone applauded…

My parents never knew that later, up in my bedroom, I would make myself a red sash out of Sellotaped-together crepe paper. I didn’t own any high heels, of course, but I could stand on my tiptoes, smiling and holding my invisible glittering crown on my head as I gazed at my reflection in the dressing table mirror and teetered across the floor. And I always thought that maybe one day there was a chance it could happen, this shy ugly duckling might magically transform into a swan and my number one dream to be crowned Miss World could come true.

To be honest, I still haven’t completely given up all hope yet.

Jill’s latest in a long line of gorgeous books is A Walk in the Park.



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7 responses to “Jill Mansell shares her dream

  1. Oh, Jill, that’s a lovely dream to have had!


  2. Love it, Jill, thanks for sharing. I think you’ve probably achieved far more than your childhood dream entailed and made hundreds of thousands of people smile. Awesome achievement! As for Sue’s Dream a Little Dream… it’s been stopping me from dreaming as I can’t put it down, LOL. Great post, congrats to both you lovely ladies. 🙂


  3. Oh I think we all shared that dream Jill, certainly I did . I think maybe that’s what wedding days are about isn’t it? Dreams coming true ! xxx


  4. I remember the days when Miss World was shown on mainstream TV, then one day, it disappeared.
    My childhood dreams varied from being a doctor, to singing with Abba, to child psychology and speech therapy.
    I became an insurance claims assessor…
    I saw it as a job that helped people, but left after ten years to raise my family.
    Now we all dream together.


  5. Fabulous, Jill. You are Miss World! The Miss World of popular fiction. And you are always so glam. And by the way, I have worked in quite a few West End department stores selling various things from wigs to shoes to children’s fashions to accessories, but for a year I was a beauty consultant and one Christmas I served Julia Morely. I think she was buying presents for the staff. All I will say is that you are a far far far nicer person! gx


  6. That’s so lovely, Jill. And guess what, when I was a teenager I had a Saturday job at Julia Morley’s haridressers, and she “took an interest” in me. I used to go to their home and became friends with her younger sister. Lost touch, sadly. They could have been very useful people to know… She was as nice as she was beautiful.


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