The Write Lines

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of recording an episode of The Write Lines with broadcaster Sue Cook to be one of three podcasts put out by Stories Unlimited for National Short Story Week. You can hear a snippet of the podcast here.

It’s me talking about short stories, novels and sex on a roof.

I kid you not – you should have heard the conversation about the novel uses people allegedly have for the Dyson hand dryer in public loos! Happily, that conversation took place whilst they were establishing sound levels and so was never edited in. (I hope.)

The  programmes will be available from, and various other  websites and I’ll share them on Facebook and Twitter. Also, you’ll be able to download them as podcasts from iTunes – all FREE. They will be released on October 29th, November 5th and November 12th 2012 and will be available on demand. It’s a fantastic free resource and I thank all the sponsors for their involvement: Publishing Training Centre and Silverwood Books for the programme I’m in, Scrivener, and The Book Doctor.

My programme, How to build a career as a writer, is the November 5th one, with Julie Cohen and Nicola Morgan. The others are: 1 Ebook publishing and getting a traditional book deal, Mark Edwards, Roz Morris, and Mel Sherratt. 3 How to market your book, Alison Baverstock, Catherine Ryan Howard, and Jane Wenham-Jones. Sponsored by The Book Doctor.


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2 responses to “The Write Lines

  1. Penny

    Sounding good, Sue! Yep, have met some of those fearsome Dyson driers, but sadly all they do is make me look as if I’m wearing particularly loose gloves .. :-0


  2. This is very exciting news. I have signed up for updates.


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