I Tell You a Secret …

I picked this image up from Twitter. The title translates to ‘I Tell You a Secret’, so I think this must be the Turkish version of ‘Want to Know a Secret?’ It’s a pretty colour, isn’t it? As I’m colourblind between some blues and greens I’m not sure what colour you’d call it … I’ll go for aqua. That seems to cover a lot of colours I don’t know!

Four of my books have been sold into Turkey so I can look forward to the others appearing over the coming months, I think. It’s nice to know my books are travelling the world.




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10 responses to “I Tell You a Secret …

  1. Angela Watt

    That’s great Sue. I’d love to see my name in print in the UK let alone anywhere else in the world. Good on you.


  2. Definately Aqua, looks lovey.


    • Wow, I got a colour right! My choices for colours like this range through turquoise, aqua and jade. It makes me seem as if I know what I’m talking about but I think it’s green, really.


  3. Nice one, Sue! How exciting, too.


  4. Well done, you must be really proud πŸ™‚
    Nari X


  5. Hi Sue,
    That’s lovely.. Congrats.. I am sure it must be feeling great to have your work in another language…
    I loved the cover of the book, the color is lovely…


  6. Congratulations Sue!

    It is a lovely colour πŸ™‚



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