Free Critiques!

THE WRITERS’ TOOLKIT: online launch and free critiques

I’ve just heard about this book by my writing buddy and tutor par excellence, Penny Grubb, and co-author Danuta Reah. The Writers’ Toolkit, they say, takes commercial fiction and strips it down to its basic components, then shows how all the pieces fit together. A writers’ manual with a difference that provides answers to questions such as: Where’s the best place for a novel to start? What pulls a reader into one book over another? What do you do if you can’t get any tension into a scene that should be high-drama? How do you lift a scene that seems to drag? Are you fed up with staring at a blank page?

Praise for The Writers’ Toolkit:

“Enjoyable and SO helpful. I learnt so much”

“I didn’t think I had a novel in me. Thanks to you I am now motivated to try”

The book is to be launched online and as part of the launch event, authors are invited to send in the start of their unpublished novels for professional critique free of charge.

Interactive launch event takes place on Facebook on FRIDAY, AUGUST 10 and SATURDAY, AUGUST 11.

As well as professional critiques, the online event will include: Mini Tutorials; live Q&A; useful tips & tricks and live chat with the Fantastic Books Publishing editorial team.

The critiques will be done on a strictly first come, first served basis so don’t delay, submit today! Link for submissions for free critique

For each copy of the book sold between now and the end of the launch event, FBP will donate £1.00 to the World Cancer Research Fund.



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7 responses to “Free Critiques!

  1. Very interesting. We do something similar in A level Eng lit/Creative writing, which I tutor. Boy, you should see us dissecting some modern novels!!! (Not yours)


  2. I remember ‘dissecting’ pieces of writing/short stories when I studied creative writing for my degree. It was a real eye opener for me and transformed me into a much better critical reader. The Writers Toolkit sounds great and how brilliant for those lucky enough to get a free critique. Great post, thanks.



  3. Thanks very much for the heads up. This looks like a good book – I will definitely try and make my way over to Facebook on that day.
    Nari X


  4. Thanks for this. I sent off my opening and have just heard it will be critiqued. Eeek!


  5. Thanks, Sue, for spreading the word. Fantastic Books says the pieces for critique are rolling in and some of them are *very* good indeed. We get our hands on them at the end of the week. Can’t wait!


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