Italy, here I come!

Something fantastic happened at the weekend – I was invited to teach a week’s creative writing in Umbria, Italy, in summer 2013. I said, ‘Yes, please!’ (several times, just to make certain that Sara at Arte Umbria realised that I meant it).

These photos give you some idea of how much gorgeousness there is to be found at Poggiolame. And sunshine. If you remember what that is.

I’ll be teaching a course on writing romantic fiction in summer next year – exact dates will follow soon – and students can expect help with choosing the right hero for the heroine, putting them together, keeping them apart, sizzle not fizzle, where your book might fit in the romantic fiction genre, and all the writing technique stuff, too.

Arte Umbria is already a successful venue for art and photography courses, and I couldn’t be more pleased that creative writing’s being added to the list. Especially if they’re employing me to lead a course. I love working with other writers, anyway, but to do so under sunny skies, wandering throiugh a couple of hundred acres of beautiful rural Italy or sitting around the pool is quite a bonus. Especially as when I first heard the courses were beginning I thought that they’d be in Cumbria and someone had left the C off!



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18 responses to “Italy, here I come!

  1. lizharriswriter

    Sounds wonderful, Sue. Congratulations!

    Liz X


  2. Congratulations Sue. What a wonderful accolade and something to really look forward to next year. If you need someone to carry your bags, remember you have my email address. Lots of love and big High Five, Lizzie


  3. I’m greatly looking forward to mine, too, Sue. I wish Sara was starting the courses this year!


  4. Looks blooming fantastic, Sue! And sunshine … *weeps*. :0)


  5. Congratulations! What a fabulous destination…looks gorgeous.


  6. Penny

    Well done, Sue! Your students will be very lucky to have you as their guide and teacher. [Cumbria is I’m sure very wonderful. too, but….]


  7. Edith

    What a perfect setting for writing romantic fiction!


  8. OH wow, I am so freaking jealous! Good for you, it’s a wonderful opportunity and I’m so happy for you!


  9. You’re all so lovely! Thank you. I’ll send you all a blogpost whilst I’m there.


  10. I’m sure you’ll have a FAB time.Btw, Sara & co have been warned how much writers drink! xx


  11. I’m already saving 🙂
    Laura x


  12. Linda

    Hi Sue

    That sounds like a fantastic course and a wonderful venue, although a little too far away for me.
    Any plans for similar courses in the UK?



  13. Oooh, what a wonderful opportunity! I am so envious! I visited Italy many (make that MANY) years ago. My parents’ birthplace (they were from Trieste). Soooooo, can I come too? I can be your interpreter. Per piacere? (Please)
    Have a wonderful time! Divertiti! (Have fun!)


    • You can come, of course, Serena – but I’m afraid there’s money involved, and a booking procedure. 🙂

      It really is a wonderful opportunity and I’m kind of hoping that there will be others in the future.


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