Where the Heart Is – Free Download


To thank existing readers and to welcome new readers, my novella, Where the Heart Is, is free today for Kindle download. Just click here.

Where the Heart Is begins in Malta in 1968 and ends in the UK in 1971, with a brief excursion to Gan Island. It’s about subjects quite close to my heart, as I lived in Malta at time the story begins. It concerns the army, and I was a ‘barracks brat’. I was a bit young to properly appreciate a staff sergeant like Rob Denton, but Sylvana, my Maltese heroine, isn’t …

This is me with one of my brothers on the balcony of our Maltese flat – I guess mini skirts were in! (For me, not him.)


If you download Where the Heart Is, I hope you enjoy it. I’ve just had an offer for it to go to large print, so it will be going to your libraries, too.

Have a happy Saturday.


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19 responses to “Where the Heart Is – Free Download

  1. Sue,

    Thank you, I have downloaded a copy.

    That is rather a short skirt, sign of the times, but you both look very smart.

    carol x


  2. Aaaw, weren’t you sweet!

    Thanks for the book – I’ve just downloaded it.


  3. lizharriswriter

    How cute you were!
    I can’t wait to read the book, Sue. x


  4. lizharriswriter

    How cute you were!

    I can’t wait to read the book.

    Liz X


  5. You look sweet. Thanks for the book.xx


  6. Penny

    Lovely photo… didn’t know you werea blonde back then! Love your stories with a Maltese setting.


  7. That is such a lovely picture but my, weren’t hems and balconies high! I’ve downloaded the ebook – thank you! – but I do still feel guilty about getting it for free, so will be repaying you with a review in due course. Seems only fair. x


  8. I’ve downloaded! Not sure when I’ll get to read it, but I will! Thank you.


  9. I loved Where The Heart Is when it was serialized in the ‘Friend’ and I am so thrilled that it’s now out on Kindle. I’ve downloaded it and look forward to re-reading it again!


  10. I’m really enjoying This book. It is not my usual genre of reading, so I’m outside my comfort zone. I’m more a sci-fi, fantasy and horror reader normally. I am finding it easy to lose myself in the story and forget I’m actually reading words, which is the sign of a good writer. I haven’t got very far as of yet but already I’m caring about the characters and what’s going to happen to them. Looking forward to getting back into the story later to see what happens to them.


    • Thanks for that, Andrew. I think it does us all good, sometimes, to read outside of our usual reading menu. It can be surprising what we do like! In the spirit of widening my own horizons, I recently went to the Alt Fiction conference and really enjoyed it. (Nobody dressed as a Dalek or a Wookiee, though, which was disappointing.


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