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Choc Lit sweeps the board

At the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s Summer Party at the Royal Over-Seas League last Thursday, their two awards. The New Writers’ Award and the Romantic Novel of the Year Award.

And Choc Lit authors took them both!ImageImageThis is an amazing achievement, a bit like Northampton Town FC beating Man Utd, Liverpool, Leeds and Arsenal.

Evonne Wareham took the New Writers’ Award (the silverware) with Never Coming Home and Jane Lovering (the glass bowl) took the Romantic Novel of the Year with Please Don’t Stop the Music. I’m not sure whose idea it is that we should be given a drink in each hand and then expected to clap (not that I have any objection to the drink in each hand, per se) but I managed to cheer, shout, hoot and whistle instead.

In fact, there were two Choc Liteers on each list, as Linda Mitchelmor was also a New Writers’ Award contender, and Christina Courtenay was shortlisted for the Romantic Novel of the Year. I’m in good company, aren’t I? Just goes to show that Choc Lit have an impeccable eye for spotting good books.

The photos in this post were all taken by the lovely, talented Marte Rekaa.ImageImageChoc Lit authors: Liz Harris, Kate Johnson, Jane Lovering, Linda Mitchelmor, me, Christina Courtenay.



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Where the Heart Is – Free Download


To thank existing readers and to welcome new readers, my novella, Where the Heart Is, is free today for Kindle download. Just click here.

Where the Heart Is begins in Malta in 1968 and ends in the UK in 1971, with a brief excursion to Gan Island. It’s about subjects quite close to my heart, as I lived in Malta at time the story begins. It concerns the army, and I was a ‘barracks brat’. I was a bit young to properly appreciate a staff sergeant like Rob Denton, but Sylvana, my Maltese heroine, isn’t …

This is me with one of my brothers on the balcony of our Maltese flat – I guess mini skirts were in! (For me, not him.)


If you download Where the Heart Is, I hope you enjoy it. I’ve just had an offer for it to go to large print, so it will be going to your libraries, too.

Have a happy Saturday.


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