New novella – Where the Heart Is

In 2011 I put out a backlist novel and three novellas as ebooks  – Uphill All the Way, Between Two Worlds, A Place to Call Home and One Summer in Malta.

Uphill All the Way was my first published novel, coming out in April 2005 (Transita).

The novellas began their lives as serials for The People’s Friend and then became large print books, published by Magna Large Print. Large print books are expensive and hard to get hold of so, surprised (but pleased!) that so many readers asked about the novellas and complained because they couldn’t read them, I had covers done for the ebook market. The sales figures from Amazon show that they are being downloaded in the hundreds each month.

After Where the Heart Is, my last serial, ran just before Christmas, as well as offering the book to Magna it was a no-brainer to publish an ebook, too. The artist who had created my other covers, Josceline Fenton, wasn’t available, so I asked around on Facebook and was introduced to Jane Dixon-Smith. And what a find Jane turned out to be!  I can’t tell you how easy and whizzy she made the process up to the point of sending me six roughs to look at. Then I had to request a pause for a bit of agonising and lip chewing, because the covers were all good.

Above is what I eventually chose for Where the Heart Is. What do you think? I love it.

Once I had made my decision, Jane moved into whizz mode once more, and within a day I had the finished product in formats suitable for print, on-line booksellers and avatar.

Where the Heart Is begins in my beloved Malta. Here’s the blurb:

Malta 1968: Sylvana Bonnici’s parents are dubious about her marrying Rob Denton, a British army staff sergeant, but Sylvana dreams of being an army wife and travelling the world – in mini skirts and big hats, like Jackie Onassis.

Sure enough, Rob is posted to exotic places like Singapore and Gan Island … but, unfortunately, the army dictates that he must leave behind his new wife. Sylvana has little choice but to live with her parents, who have moved to the UK.

In 1971 Rob is finally offered a UK posting and the married quarter that Sylvana has yearned for – but is no longer sure that it’s what he wants. Sylvana’s reaction to his new plans shocks him, but it’s a horrifying accident that proves that home is more than just a place to live.

I found Jane Dixon-Smith’s rates affordable. Her website is here and her Facebook page is here.

Where the Heart Is can be downloaded from here (£1.29) and here ($2.05).


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12 responses to “New novella – Where the Heart Is

  1. Apart from being a good friend, Jane also designed the cover for my crime novel, Bad Moon Rising. I cannot recommend her professionalism and work ethic highly enough.


  2. Forgot to say – I love your cover!


  3. Esther

    I really love all of your covers, Susan, and this one fits right in with your others! Looking forward to reading it!


  4. Esther

    Susan??! SUE! sorry! (only my mother calls me by my full name, and only when I am in trouble)

    I am going to update this book onto Goodreads, because unless I am turning blind, it isn’t on there at the moment.


  5. What an awesome cover. I’m looking forward to reading it.


  6. I love the cover, Sue. And it sounds interesting. Gosh… don’t tell me I’ve got more of yours to read. 😉 One day I’ll get them onto my kindle. 😀 I’ve got such a back-list of books to read!

    And I promise to read Uphill All The Way soon.


  7. Bren Gosling

    Hi Sue

    I wanted to come and say hello on Monday at the RONA Awards but couldn’t find you. I was short listed for The Harry Bowling but didn’t win 😦 – but hopefully being short listed will still help me with getting an agent, now I have a completed MS for Sweeping up the Village – my novel.


    • Congratulations on your shortlisting. If you were on the Harry Bowling table then I was on the next table! 😀 Definitely, your shortlisting will help you. Mention it at all possible opportunities. Good luck!


  8. Your book covers really are brilliant!!


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