Post WIP delivery To Do List

My study mid book, notes to right of monitor, timeline draped across filing cabinet, filing system largely on floor. It's tidier now! If I could only just find my camera, I'd show you ...

It’s a lovely feeling, to get your book finished and in to the publisher on time. I feel all end of termish, Christmas Eveish and ‘it’s nearly my birthday!’ish, all at once. This Utopia will fade as time for the edits draws near but, meantime, I can work through a To Do list that I’ve been compiling since October, when the deadline seemed to be approaching at an unpleasantly rapid trot considering that I had an eye op and Christmas to work around.

So I thought I’d reproduce my To Do list, here, with progress:

  1. Do accounts for the year ended 31.12.11 (scheduled for the weekend)
  2. Send books to accountant (scheduled for shortly after)
  3. Scan through inbox and answer unanswered emails Unfortunately, new emails have appeared
  4. Sort through intray and deal with anything that can be dealt with Ditto, with bills etc
  5. Filing (hate it. It hasn’t reached the rim of the tray, yet, so it can’t be time to do it)
  6. Write three columns for Writers’ Forum (one of these now drafted and research done on another)
  7. Write three guest blogs and update own blog
  8. Type up invoices and deliver
  9. Update website and send update to webguy  (webguy now busy and says he’ll try and get onto it next week)
  10. Write Romance Matters Q&A column (Qs received – the As are my bit)
  11. Write 2x Choc Lit Author blogs and schedule/sent to person collating contributions
  12. Read my half of Choc Lit short story comp entries
  13. Order curtains
  14. Bring in a couple of pots from garden before the first frost. (Um. Oops.)
  15. Update website. (As this appeared on the list twice, I obviously understood the urgency of doing this in October when Love & Freedom won the Best Romantic Read Award 2011. Actually sent update off last night …)
  16. Make appointment for eyebrow plucking (tried, but my plucker is on holiday)
  17. Have hair cut (One has to have some standards! Of course I had it cut!)
  18. Call people who supplied woodburning stove to tell them paint is coming off
  19. Update my ALCS payment records
  20. Attend RNA Leicester Chapter Lunch (will be crossed off later today)
  21. Attend RNA Cambridge Chapter Lunch (will be crossed off on Wednesday)
  22. Smile more
  23. Tweet more
  24. FB more

So, that’s quite a lot of progress! 🙂

(I’m not the only one to have a To Do list, am I? And to put things on specifically to be able to cross them off? see entries 22-24.)

PS I can see my desk. Achievement in itself.


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3 responses to “Post WIP delivery To Do List

  1. Yes, Sue – I have a long to-do list to and yes, I put items on so that I can cross them off and feel as if I’ve achieved them! Running to stand still is the default status!


  2. Lizzie Lamb

    Sue, I think Alison Pearson wrote I DON;T KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT with you in mind., An interesting insight into how another writer works. My husband bought me a sign that says “a tidy desk is a sign of a sick mind” because I’m quite anal about my study. Ha Ha. Should send you a photograph of mine. Mind you, I do have an ‘annexe’ where I spread out my papers aka the dining room table. Catch you later,


  3. To do lists are a wonderful thing, but then sometimes they start stressing me out when I’m not crossing stuff off. Unfortunately, mine are not as interesting as yours. Mine consist of 1) hoover upstairs, 2) hoover downstairs, 3) clean bathrooms 4) buy milk … Yeah, you get the gist.

    I do have a post-it note saying EDIT NOVEL – which I’m doing! Just seems to be taking an age, and I want to get on writing the next one now – especially as I’m in the RNA NWS 😀

    And I really should add to my to-do list tidy desk too. But I just seem to accumulate crap! (Usually from the kids).


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