WIP Ready to go!

It’s a fabulous feeling. There’s no other like it. My new book, Dream a Little Dream, is just about ready to be sent into the lovely Choc Lit team. A whole day ahead of deadline.

It’s like end of term, birthday and Christmas all rolled into one. I’m now entering a wonderful period, when the book is finished but the edits and revisions haven’t yet arrived. But I have a mega ‘to do’ list,  waiting to take my attention: student assignments, competition entries, three columns for Writers’ Forum, do my bookkeeping for 2011 because my accountant has already written asking where my books are, update my website, write some guest blogs, judge my share of the Choc Lit short story competition, get my invoices up to date, write my Q&A column for Romance Matters, and buy new curtains for the landing. I also have several events to attend, at least two of which are thinly disguised meals with friends, and have new author pix taken. Oh, and pick up my new glasses.

But, yeah, even with that mammoth list, I’m still in a happy place! Dream a Little Dream is complete. It’s a Middledip book and my other Middledip books, Starting Over and All That Mullarkey have drawn a lot of positive feedback, recently, so I hope that everyone who enjoyed those books will enjoy Dream, too.

And I can’t end without a little boast – All That Mullarkey is number 42 in the Top 100 paid Kindle chart, and has spent 72 days in the top 100, in total. I think I feel a glass of wine coming on, this evening …


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7 responses to “WIP Ready to go!

  1. Excellent! Well done, Sue. It still amazes me how you find time to write a whole novel in with everything else you do. Good luck with the mammoth list of tasks that await you. But for now, enjoy the feeling!

    And have that glass of wine. *cheers*



  2. It’s a great feeling to get a big project out of the way, and I love being able to clear a lot of the ‘smaller’ jobs on the list. Looking forward to the Writers’ Forum columns 🙂


  3. Hi Sue,
    This sounds great!!
    I am sure you’re a great time manager to manage to do so many things.. Time has become a major problem for me.. I am always running short of time!!


  4. Roberta Grieve

    Well done Sue – you deserve that glass of wine!


  5. Chanpreet Singh

    Yay! I’ll have a new Sue Moorcroft book to read this year!


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