Fun with iPad 2 (I think …)

Happy New Year, everybody.  I wish you all a contented, healthy and prosperous 2012.

I had eye surgery in mid-December. It was an amazing success and the only regret I have about it was that I didn’t have any photos taken when my eye was a funny shape, one part of the white was scarlet, and the pupil dilated to almost the full extent of the iris. I looked wicked and weird, and I would love to have shown you.

Instead, I thought I’d bring you a few photos of me doctored on Photo Booth on my iPad. I’ve had (and lurved) my iPad for some months, but it wasn’t until I had to take an extended Christmas break that I took the time to ferret into programmes I didn’t really know I had a use for. So here are the results:

This is particularly fetching, I think. A weird eye quite pales, in comparison!

Is this how your hangover felt, too?

Whoo! Cheery!

In a negative mood ...


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5 responses to “Fun with iPad 2 (I think …)

  1. Hi Sue,
    Your pictures are damn funny.. you have made good use of the I pad 2:)
    Well, I do hope your eye feels good and do take care.



    • Thanks, Arti. The results of my eye surgery are miraculous, to be honest. I’m thrilled not to have to wear glasses all the time and not to have headaches. Modern medicine is a blessing.


  2. Glad the operation went well. Love the pictures… and a Happy new year!


  3. Gruesome but good. Happy New Year! Best wishes, Tana


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