Deadline extension for SWWJ

THE SOCIETY OF WOMEN WRITERS & JOURNALISTS has announced that the closing date for entries to its OPEN INTERNATIONAL ONLINE ‘LIFE WRITING’ COMPETITION has been extended to 30th November 2011.

‘Life Writing’ is a fluid term used to describe the recording of experiences and memories, whether one’s own or another’s. It covers biography, memoir, diaries, letters and personal essays etc., and, more recently, digital forms such as blogs and email. It can also be linked with genealogical study when recording one’s life, it is common to become curious about the lives of others that have affected one over time and, if they have not recorded their own life, to start doing it for them.

The Word Count is 3000 words maximum BY EMAIL OR HARD COPY

The Competition is open to any writer world-wide of 20 years old and over.  The judges are Sophie King for category (i) 20/40 year olds and Katie Fforde for Category (ii) over 40s.

There are three prizes in each category. 1st £3000.  2nd £1000. 3rd  £500.

The entry fee is £7 (seven pounds sterling).



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2 responses to “Deadline extension for SWWJ

  1. Is this competition restricted to Women?
    Regards ThompsonLen


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