Steven Hooper in ‘I Am Nasrine’

Today is the premier of a film called I am Nasrine. It comes out on general release in November.

Why is this important to me?

It’s because Steven Hooper, actor and model, who helped me with the research for Love & Freedom, is in it! This is one of the stills from the film and you can see a trailer here. (Ste is on the left in the photo, by the way.)

So, wow, I know a film star!

Huge congratulations, Ste, and I hope the film does brilliantly for you and the rest of the crew.

Here’s the blurb from the film:

I Am Nasrine: a coming-of-age story of modern refugees. 

When you change where you are, do you also change identity? I Am Nasrine is a journey of self-discovery, startlingly beautiful and quietly profound. Set in modern day Tehran, and the UK, the film follows Nasrine and Ali, sister and brother from a middle class Iranian home. For Nasrine, Iran is an unyielding place. Breaking the rules has consequences and punishment is more than she bargained for. 

Nasrine and Ali set out for the UK, embarking on a reluctant exile. Still, for Nasrine, there is undeniable excitement about starting a new life and eagerness for its promise of new freedom.

 Nasrine settles into her new life, making friends, forming bonds. Meeting Nichole from the gypsy/traveler community, she realizes her inhibitions and doubts are their own prison, and strives to live for herself. Ali struggles with the realities of UK life, his sister’s uncontrollable independence and his own awakening sexuality.

Then comes 9/11. Their parents will be unable to join them in Britain, leaving them quite alone. And quite apart, when an unimaginable tragedy occurs. Nasrine must discover incredible courage to accept what fate has dealt her; discovering that the end of her journey is really just the beginning.

Can hope, simple untainted hope, overcome the darkest of tragedies? I Am Nasrine explores this questions and more, and offers answers that are sure to surprise.

And here’s another shot of Ste playing a space marine in Salvage. Just because I think it’s cool.


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2 responses to “Steven Hooper in ‘I Am Nasrine’

  1. Thanks for posting this, what a hero! I can visualise him when reading about Martyn Mayfair 🙂


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