Writers’ Holiday, Caerleon, in pix

I am really fighting time, at the moment, and so I’ve decided not to labour the point about how splendifareous a time I had at Writers’ Holiday, this year, but just to upload some of my pix for your delectation.

Chris Oliver and man-sized cake

The Cwm Bach Male Choir was, as ever, fabulous - especially in the bar, after the performance.

Part of the main building

There were lots of RNA members there, as delegates, speakers and tutors

The weather was gorgeous

In case you're wondering, my workshop was 'The Trickier Bits of Fiction'.

Can't help but feel she's being kind of bad mannered, doing her hair at a time like this ...


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4 responses to “Writers’ Holiday, Caerleon, in pix

  1. Thanks for sharing your photos, Sue. Been a few years since my last Writers Holiday at Caerleon or Fishguard. Am sure it was run with the usual pizzaz of Gerry and Anne and co. Perhaps next year?


  2. Elaine Everest

    Your workshop was great Sue. I’m still annoyed I missed the RNA photo shoot! Blame the students!


    • Thanks, Elaine. I’m sorry that you missed it, too. We should have had our great idea earlier in the week, and then it would have been easy to organise – and get everybody!


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