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Waterstone’s, Northampton

Thanks to everyone who came along to my signing at Waterstone’s, Northampton on Saturday. In the rain. Pouring rain! At least I gave you delicious Montezuma’s chocolate …

And you were able to hear the musicians in the photo, Paul Matthews (right) and Peter Hudson, On the Wrong, who began by singing some original songs of their own, but, upon request, sang a few covers, let toddlers dance around them and old ladies tell them stories about mandolins. You were great, guys.

You can see and hear a video clip, here.

And I don’t mind that someone asked me, ‘Are you just here with the band?’ honest. You entertained a lot of rainy Saturday book buyers.

As always, the Waterstone’s staff were great. My especial thanks to Emma and Nicky. (By amazing coincidence, Nicky used to be a teacher at the school that Paul and Peter used to attend and last saw them when they were about 13. She was pretty impressed with the way they turned out.)

And we sold some books, so that was good.

I attended the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s conference, the weekend before. In the pic you can see a parade of lovely Choc Lit authors: (L to R) Evonne Wareham, Margaret James, Me, Chris Stovell, Jane Lovering, Christina Courtenay, Kate Johnson.

And, just to prove that we kept our mind on important matters, here are our shoes:

I’m sure you’ll agree that Christina Courtenay’s sexy red monsters took the prize for the fabbiest.

I love the RNA conference but it did feel weird, this year, as it took place at Caerleon, always the venue for Writer’s Holiday, which I have attended for several years. It was a bit like going to a house you know but finding the wrong people in it.

Still, I will be driving off to Wales again on Sunday because … you’ve guessed it, it’s time for Writer’s Holiday! I love Writer’s Holiday, too, and am really looking forward to meeting loads of friends, old and new.

Oh, yeah, and I’m running a course – The Nuances of Fiction. I might even get a little work done on Dream a Little Dream. You never know. I’m taking my laptop but I often find that I spend too much of the week drinking wine and eating cake, to write.

Hope to see some of you there.



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