Bromley Lit Fest

From the 15th of June to the 10th of July 2011 is the first Bromley Lit Fest!

You can download the full programme here.


The Festival’s at Bromley Central Library and I’ll be there on the 25th of June for the Ladies Who Love day, running a Romantic Heroes workshop with fellow Choc Lit writer, Christina Courtenay. Here’s the workshop blurb:

Have you fallen in love with your hero, yet? Are your readers going to want to spend lovely long hours enjoying his company? Join this lively workshop to create the hero none of us can get out of our minds.

Christina and I will be staying for the Ladies Who Love panel event and signing, and I’m really looking forward to meeting big-selling Dorothy Koomson, there, and seeing another Choc Liteer, Juliet Archer.

If you think you’d like to attend any of the festival’s many events, go to or phone 020 8249 7474.


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2 responses to “Bromley Lit Fest

  1. Emma Simms

    Hi, my name is Emma. I’m a second year journalism student and was just wondering – forgive me, this has nothing to do with your latest blog post, I just don’t know how else to contact you, but I have read some of your books and often read your blog and always found your style accessible, so I thought I give this a try – but I have a quick question, please. I’m writing an essay for uni about the publishing world, and was wondering, what do the amazon sales rank figures REALLY mean? I. e. if an author is to be found within the first, say, 10,000 in salesrank what does that most likely really mean in sales figures? Can you help? Thank you :-).


    • Hi Emma,
      The short reply is: no one really knows … Well, I suppose Amazon does.

      I’ve heard various theories over the years and the most likely seems to be that it’s some kind of formula to do not only with sales but with page views. However, that said, I find the sales rankings a general indicator. The bestsellers are in the top 100 pretty consistently!

      I can’t help you with absolute sales figures because until I get my royalty statement, I don’t have access to those. 🙂

      Thanks for reading my books! And good luck with your course. If you have any other questions, you can go to my website at and click Contact Me and that will get to me in the form of an email. I’ll see if I can answer.


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