Publication day!

Publication day is always a happy day.

Love & Freedom is available today from bookshops, online etc. It goes into the airports and stations on 30 June.

It’s already getting some great reviews, such as these from Jera’s Jamboree, the Bookbag and Novelicious. Thank you, guys!

I feel as if I’ve been neglecting my own blog for the past month as I’ve been on an extensive blog tour – you can see all the dates and sites in the right column. It’s great to interact with readers that way but I got a big blogged out.

So, today, I decided, I would write my WIP. Calm, collected, time to write. After I’d done the Love & Freedom promo.

But I’ve been at my machine for nearly three hours and that calm time hasn’t materialised, yet. I’m delighted to receive a host of emails from people wishing me Happy Publication Day, all of which I’ve reply to, full of bounce and beans. And then I think, ‘It’s Publication Day, I deserve a cup of tea. Or two.’ Then I go on Twitter and there are loads of mentions there from equally kind people wanting to wish the new book well (I’m @suemoorcroft if you wish to follow me) and I want to talk to them all, of course.

Then I go onto Facebook and find more messages! I’m overwhelmed by the kindness of friends, readers and industry professionals.

So, I have another cup of tea.

And I was just thinking – I remember when my first book was published, in 2005, (Uphill All the Way, Transita) despite warnings from other writers, I was taken aback by the quiet. No fanfare. No hoopla. Why? No Twitter or Facebook! There was really nobody outside family and friends to share with. But now there’s a huge number. And it’s lovely.

So, back to the emails and Luke, one of the Choc Lit publicists, tells me about signings, newspaper and radio coverage and I need another cup of tea.

Also, today – and I literally almost forgot this – Want to Know a Secret? – is being published in Australia! So it’s double publication day. I feel incredibly lucky (in fact a bit greedy).

Want to Know a Secret? has been shortlisted for the Big Red Read run by Redbridge Libraries, so I’ll be bugging you to vote for it, in July. Apparently, I’m to be invited to an event at one of the Redbridge Libraries on 22 July to pitch the book – X Factor, anyone? – which is going to be a small problem as I’m supposed to be at a birthday dinner, that evening. And it’s mine.

I think there’s just on Publication Day task left, and that’s to send my newsletter out, (you can sign up here) and then … it’s time for lunch and my yoga class. But I’ll get on to my WIP this afternoon. I’ve promised myself.




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8 responses to “Publication day!

  1. Penny

    Congratulations, Sue! My copy arrived this morning, and I’m looking forward to reading it enormously. Will I save it until the holidays? Hmm, probably not 🙂


  2. I’m sure there is some luck involved in being double-published simultaneously, but we know it’s mostly work (in between Tweeting, etc!).


    • 😀 I am a big believer in ‘the harder I work, the luckier I get’ but it feels as if all the hard work re Want to Know a Secret? is so far behind me that, this time, I’m just lucky.


  3. Happy publication day indeed – great book, great writer, best of luck with it!


  4. Love & Freedom really is an amazing read Sue and you deserve all the fanfare! You said in a recent tour blog that you find yourself still thinking like Honor – I still think about the story and the characters which to me, is a really good sign it was an amazing read.

    Thanks for mentioning my blog x


    • You’re welcome – it’s a lovely review. I’ve put the link in my newsletter, too.

      I must still be thinking like Honor as I emailed someone last week about a ‘check book’ – argh! I worked in a British bank for 9 years, you think I’d know the UK spelling!


  5. Catherine Miller

    Happy Publication Day for two brilliant books!:D


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